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Mini baking kit as easy as pie


    1. Place sheet of dough on mold and press to create pockets. Place fillings into pockets. At left, Leila sprinkles cinnamon onto the apple filling. 2. Different types of pies can be made at the same time. 3. Place another sheet of dough on top of the filled layer and press. Optional: To help seal the two sheets, brush an egg white wash around the filled circles before topping with the second sheet. 4. Using the flat roller, press and roll over dough until the edges of the mold cut through the dough. If dough is sticky, place a piece of parchment paper over it before rolling. 5. Place a cookie sheet on the mold and flip it over. Remove excess dough, flip over pies and brush tops with an egg wash.

The promise with Lekue’s Kit Mini Pies is that it will “effortlessly prepare 19 mini pies in one go.” Read more

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