Accept transience of life to value the journey
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Accept transience of life to value the journey


Sometimes we hold on to things very tightly without even realizing or questioning why. We hold on just because. Determination is a personality attribute that is heralded by most of us; yet stubbornness not so much.

We hold on to things, ideas and people because our controlling nature wants to freeze-frame all that’s ultimately destined to change.

When we hold on to things out of fear, we step out of the natural flow of life and stop living in the present. Human beings tend to cling to the way things once were not trusting that change is essential to life.

Live life in the present

Life is dynamic, yet hands down one of the hardest things we all grapple with is the transience of life. The struggle is appreciating it while experiencing it. Friends come and go. The child who never wanted you out of sight grows up and leaves for college.

Even the shower trees that burst with blooms along the sidewalks will shed their brilliant flowers in a short while.

Is the best yet to come?

Many graphics on social media make statements about a future that’s going to be better. “The best is yet to come!” It sounds so promising, but for me it begs the question, “What about today?”

Is the best only something that happens in the future? Is it possible that you may one day look back on today and say, “Ah, those were the best of times?”

If you don’t notice the transience of the moment because you’re looking ahead for better in the future, you’ll miss some amazing things while striving for a new “best.”

Examine these three areas in your life and ask these questions to better appreciate the moment:

>> Relationships: When you get that relationship you’ve been longing for, will you miss how peaceful it is to be alone?

Do you wish your spouse would just “disappear” at times? And if he or she did, would you miss the comfort of the companionship they bring?

>> Health: When your health improves, will you remember how wonderful it was to have the constant support of others?

>> Career: When you get that promotion, make more money or “make it” in your business, will you realize it wasn’t so bad when you had comfort in routine with less stress?

See the “best” in the present, or you will continue to fantasize about the “best” in the future while living in constant discontent with what is. Clinging to the past will lead you to miss the point of life!

From time to time it’s helpful to remind ourselves that life is transient and to appreciate the moments, even when the moment is difficult.

When we accept the brevity of life and all that’s in it, the past is less valuable, the future has dynamic potential and the present is golden.

The best in life is happening right now.

Alice Inoue is the founder of Happiness U. Visit

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