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A new option for hot pot

  • Three cup chicken ($11.99) is a classic Taiwanese dish offered at Aunty’s Hotpot House. PHOTO BY NADINE KAM
  • Taiwanese-style salt and pepper chicken ($11.99). PHOTO BY NADINE KAM
  • Rib-eye, pork belly and beef brisket ($8 each) are among the meat selections. PHOTO BY NADINE KAM
  • Self-serve refrigerators with color-coded plates. PHOTO BY NADINE KAM
  • A variety of mushrooms to add to your hot pot. PHOTO BY NADINE KAM

"Aunty" Susend Tran brings back the refrigerator cases full of ingredients to add to individual hot pots, and what’s new are a number of Taiwanese street-style dishes. Read more

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