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On the Scene: Lionel ‘The Black Hawaiian’ Wright reflects on Hawaii’s early rap scene

On the Scene: Lionel ‘The Black Hawaiian’ Wright reflects on Hawaii’s early rap scene

Things We Love

Things We Love: Television shows

A shortlist of newly discovered stuff you have got to see, hear, wear, use or eat. Read more

She Speaks

She Speaks: Navigating the tricky world of pregnancy information

Problems arise when people think they are experts on a particular topic and then post about it online. The result is a glut of mediocre information that obscures solid, evidence-­based solutions. Read more

In the Lineup

In the Lineup: Ownership aside, Tonggs sea wall belongs to surfers

Nowadays, I also get glares from vacation renters in the waterfront houses. ­Every time I walk the wall I miss the warm, neighborly local families who lived here before. Read more

Five-0 Redux

Five-0 Redux: Start of season launches theories on fate of ‘Hawaii Five-0’ favorites

Side stories on the show leave the door open for several theories that are to come in the 10th season. Read more

On the Scene

On the Scene: Lionel ‘The Black Hawaiian’ Wright reflects on Hawaii’s early rap scene

Lionel Wright is celebrating his upcoming 50th birthday with a “Black Hawaiian Birthday Bash,” Saturday at the Artistry Nightclub on Cooke Street. Read more

Garden Party

Hawaii Kai duo grow an oasis that benefits the body and soul

The garden keeps them busy but provides plenty of benefits for this engaging couple. Read more

Hawaii Gardens

Hawaii Gardens: What to do when you have a mountain of mountain apples

When faced with an abundance of fresh Tahitian mountain apples, which aren’t really something you can freeze like mangoes — what is one to do? Read more


K-Drama: Fatalities rise as battle rages on ‘Nokdu’

This week’s synopses of Korean dramas televised on KBFD TV. Read more

Rearview Mirror: Minister’s inspirational thoughts about real life captivated readers

The Rev. Paul Sutekichi Osumi wrote a short, inspirational column six days a week in The Honolulu Advertiser from 1957 to 1993 named Today’s Thought. Read more


Benefit seeks to help Kauai lifeguards save more lives

Ticket sales for the Ocean Safety Bureau and the Kauai Lifeguard Association’s fifth annual fundraiser on July 27, have been slower than usual. Read more

Show Biz

Show Biz: Willie K delivers footloose performance

What makes Willie K so mesmerizing? I wondered, after missing his Blue Note ­Hawaii performances for four months, and it dawned on me at his July 9 show why he’s authentically cool. Read more

Wood Craft

Longtime entertainment writer Ben Wood says ‘aloha’

Longtime entertainment writer Ben Wood, approaching his 86th birthday, recalls his colorful newspaper career as he steps back from his regular column. Read more

Book Reviews

‘Hawai‘i Movie and Television Book’ chronicles local contributions

A new 2018 edition of the book adds 13 classic films, along with feature films, TV shows and documentaries released since the original version was published in 2015. Read more

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