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Christine Donnelly is the Kokua Line columnist at the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. She answers readers' questions with help from experts in the field, and publishes readers' expressions of dismay (Auwe), apology (E Kala Mai) and gratitude (Mahalo). Questions run the gamut, with an emphasis in Sunday's column on topics that broadly reflect quality of life in Hawaii. Kokua Line runs five days a week.
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Kokua Line: Where is TSA PreCheck in Terminal 1?

Question: Regarding the new TSA configuration in Terminal 1 at the Honolulu airport, is the TSA PreCheck line operating at the Mauka Concourse checkpoint as the state Department of Transportation said it would be? If not, why not? Read more

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                                Christine Donnelly, Honolulu Star-Advertiser Kokua Line Columnist
Kokua Line: Are pepper ball launchers legal?

Question: Are pepper ball launchers legal for adults in Honolulu to own and carry outside of one’s home? The launchers are similar to a paintball gun except it shoots a ball filled with pepper spray or even a solid ball. Read more

                                The exterior of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) building in Washington.
Kokua Line: When is the IRS office open?

Question: I have called the IRS and cannot get through. Not all questions are answered on the website. I cannot get to the tax office because of work. They should have more people answering the phones early in the morning. Auwe! Read more

                                This is “Bentley” with a view from the back seat of a car as it travels along S. King St. near University Ave.
Kokua Line: Will lost title prevent car’s disposal?

Question: We have an old beater car that we kept to drive to the beach, but we don’t get out much anymore and none of our grandkids want it. We haven’t driven it for quite a while. I want to get rid of it, but I can’t find the title. What are our options? Read more

                                A mechanic fills a car with oil at an auto repair shop.
Kokua Line: Can I give car to automotive students?

Question: Does Hono­lulu Community College accept the donation of broken­-down cars or SUVs for students in its automotive programs to practice on — sort of like the cadaver program for medical students at the UH medical school, but with cars for students who are learning to be mechanics or other automotive specialists? If yes, how does one go about donating a vehicle? Read more

                                Intersection, Ward Avenue at King Street.
Kokua Line: How many tickets come from red-light cams?

Question: I live on a busy intersection along Vineyard Boulevard where the red-light cameras are now in use. Will the city or state let the public know how many tickets have been issued since inception? I still see cars running the light and blocking the intersection during rush hour. Read more

                                A stimulus check issued by the IRS in San Antonio.
Kokua Line: Why is tax refund so small?

Question: I got a big refund last year and was hoping for the same so I did my taxes early, but ouch, it’s not the case. Is this because the stimulus is over? Read more

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