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Thats’s a wrap!

Recently, I tried a burrito from a newly opened Mexican restaurant. Read more

Nuggets are life

Popeyes Hawaii just launched chicken nuggets on July 27. This bite-sized product features white-meat chicken breast that's breaded in buttermilk and fried. Read more

A fried feast

We featured a fried chicken roundup in a previous issue of Crave, but fried chicken sandwiches are in a league of their own. Read more

For the ‘gram

Dishes that are aesthetically pleasing — and taste as good as they look — are all the rage right now. Read more

Go north

There’s nothing like a trip up north — the North Shore, that is — during the summer to check out the food truck scene. Read more

‘Reel’ deal

When it comes to setting Paradise Poke Hawaii apart from other shops, business co-owner Dong Dang boils it down to a formula-like phrase. Read more

To market, to market

Mala Market is celebrating its grand opening in Hawaii Kai Towne Center (333 Keahole St.) this Saturday, July 17. Read more

Smokin’ hot

Summer is synonymous with grilling season, whether you're prepping for that backyard potluck or have a serious meat craving. Read more


Fries are my guilty pleasure — the thicker and more garlicky, the better — so even though National French Fries Day was technically yesterday, there's no reason to stop the celebration. Read more

Chop, chop!

The next time you're following a recipe that requires lots of veggies, save time in the kitchen with the Vinipiak Manual Food Chopper. Read more

Squad goals

Honey Boo-Boo with Melona and honeydew. Strawberry Wild. Mango Jam. Pucker Up (sour apple). These are a few of the Hawaii-inspired drinks you'll find at Da Lemonade Squad truck. Read more

Have a brew-tiful day

Nowadays, you can find coffee shops in all shapes and sizes — and in unexpected places. When you need that morning jump-start, keep the following options in mind. Read more

Inside scoop

July heralds one of my favorite foodie celebrations — National Ice Cream Month — with National Ice Cream Day on July 18. Read more

Winner, winner

National Fried Chicken Day is coming July 6, and when it comes to planning for that ultra-fried feast, you won't want to wing it. Read on for some cluckin' good options. Read more

Sneak peek

The phrase “plate lunch” typically evokes images of Styrofoam containers loaded with loco moco or kalbi with two scoops of rice and mac salad — and a side of kanak attack. Read more

Keep calm and stay cool

Hot weather makes me crave cool desserts more than usual. And I know I'm not alone. Beat the heat this summer with some of these frozen finds — and mark your calendars because some of these seasonal snacks are bound to sell out. Read more

Because we’re happy

I'm not a huge beer drinker, but when it comes to deals and specials on food, I'm there. Which brings me to the point of this roundup — sometimes, happy hour is the best time to visit a restaurant because of the discounts you'll find. Read more

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