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Turning culinary dreams into reality

Once you start sprinting on the treadmill called making a living, it’s easy to get so caught up in daily survival that there’s no time to reflect on past dreams and set future goals. Read more

A new hot pot hale

With one successful restaurant concept to his credit, I was surprised to learn that instead of sticking with the tried-and-true, Jialiang Wei, owner of Honolulu Skewer House, was entering hot pot territory. Read more

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A legacy lives on

I feel old. It’s starting to hit home as I watch my contemporaries — chefs who were present at the dawn of the Hawaii Regional Cuisine movement and subsequent explosion of restaurant growth that put Hawaii on the culinary map — hang up their toques to explore other paths. Read more

A hidden izakaya

Hideyoshi Takasawa thought he’d left the restaurant industry for good decades ago when, after opening nine restaurants in Japan over seven years Read more

A new option for hot pot

"Aunty" Susend Tran brings back the refrigerator cases full of ingredients to add to individual hot pots, and what’s new are a number of Taiwanese street-style dishes. Read more

Getting our vietnamese fusion fix

As a person who works with words, I am sensitive to their connotations and I noticed that one word used in an eatery’s name always gives me pause when thinking about visiting the venue. Read more

You’ll want a ‘pizza’ this

Pizza Dadi at Ward Centre fills the spot that was recently home to Goma Tei. The layout of the restaurant hasn’t changed, so you’ll still find a combination of tables along with plenty of counter seating that once maximized space for ramen bowls. Read more

More to ‘taco’ bout

Of all the day-of-the-week food designations, none have captured the public imagination as much as Taco Tuesday. Read more

Endless poke options

During the five years that the Ohana Hale Marketplace was open, it proved to be a successful incubator of restaurants. Read more

Beefy picks for quick meals

Move over poke bowl. You may have a rival when it comes to diners’ search for a quick-and-easy solution to meal-time indecision Read more

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