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2020 Holiday Gift Guides

We're sending you the first of six gift guides as a token of our appreciation for allowing us into your homes and businesses through our publications. We hope you find value in these gift guides Read more

Hawaii Restaurant Card

Hawaii’s restaurant industry, and the farmers, suppliers and other businesses that support restaurants have felt severe impacts due to COVID-19. Read more

Hawaii Opioid Crisis

The ongoing opioid epidemic represents a dangerous cycle of addiction and destruction, which raises red flags across the state as this major public health and safety challenge impacts thousands of people throughout Hawai‘i. Read more

2020 General Election

Based on lessons learned in Hawaii’s Aug. 8 primary election — the state’s first all-mail-in election — officials have made two basic changes for the state’s Nov. 3 general election. Read more

2020 Virtual Career Expo

This year’s Hawaii Career Expo will be taking place in the virtual sphere, but attendees can still expect the same quality and variety as in year’s past. Read more

2020 Hawaii’s Best

Each year, Honolulu Star-Advertiser recognizes the best the islands have to offer — and 2020 is no different. Read more

Honolulu Local Business Guide

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