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                                Portland State quarterback Davis Alexander ranks fourth in the program’s history in total offense despite losing his junior season to the pandemic.
Game Day: Portland State vs. Hawaii

There was a time when offensive innovation originated from the left, with Dennis Erickson, Mike Price, Dirk Koetter and Jeff Tedford crafting attacks in the Northwest and on the West Coast. Read more

                                Hawaii running back Calvin Turner.
Calvin Turner a high-energy playmaker running back at any position

Savannah, Ga., is the cobblestones that pave River Street, the oak trees that have lived nearly four centuries, and a city that was left virtually untouched after the Civil War and then gifted to Abraham Lincoln. It also was the training ground for a 6-year-old Calvin Turner, who sprinted away from the neighborhood kids in two-hand-touch football and was never “It” in tag. Read more

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