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Tech View: VoIP systems offer flexible advantages to businesses

Voice communications are a vital part of any successful business. The technology behind voice calls has changed over time from analog to digital switching, which eliminated human operators, to Voice over Internet Protocol. Read More

Data backup still needed for cloud-based storage

With the advent of online storage offerings such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive and SharePoint, many individuals, businesses and government agencies have taken to storing their data in the cloud. Read More

Tech View: SD-WAN technology offers responsive, flexible networks

Data gives businesses their competitive edge, and today many businesses transfer increasingly large amounts of data between the cloud, data centers, offices and other locations. Read More

Column: Como Audio’s Solo merges internet radio sources

My co-writer, Rob Kay, and I have always been big fans of internet radio. Whether it’s jazz in Paris, opera in Berlin or the latest BBC World News broadcast, this medium will take you there. Read More

Column: Printers require security to keep data from hackers

Ever find yourself searching for a free Wi-Fi connection and come across something like HP-M477 LaserJet? Read More

Column: Hawaii residents must stay vigilant against cyberfraud

You may have seen excerpts from a report recently released by a Canadian research firm stating that the number of cybercrime victims in Hawaii increased an alarming 65 percent from 2012 to 2017. Read More

Column: Make keeping data safe a New Year’s solution

Keeping your data safe should be a perennial New Year’s resolution. Read More

Column: Pesky updates are needed to help software run smoothly

Everyone has experienced it. Trying to get out of the office for the day, needing to make an important call or just wanting to use their device but being stymied by … updates. Regardless of your device of choice, updates are a regular occurrence of technological life. Read More

Tech View: Upgrade WiFi to take advantage of electronic gifts

It’s Christmas Day, and by now all the presents under the tree have been opened. According to the National Retail Federation, more than 30 percent of all gifts purchased this season were electronics. Read More

Column: Smart TVs’ capability shows how the market has evolved

Black Friday is no longer a day, it’s a season. Running from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas, Black Friday season has become far and away the best time to buy a new TV. What’s the market like nowadays? Read More

Tech View: Auction brings more broadband funds to Hawaii’s rural areas

Over the summer, the Federal Communications Commission held a nationwide auction known as the Connect America Fund (CAF) II Auction aimed at expanding broadband into what it considers extremely high- cost rural areas. Read More

Tech View: Camp Chef offers home cooking after the lights go out

Nowadays it seems like 100-year storms are an everyday occurrence. When the next Iniki-­magnitude hurricane hits Hawaii, all bets are off on how long we’ll be without electricity and water. Read More

Tech View: Consider potable water when preparing for storms

As University of Hawaii civil engineering professor Amarajit Singh detailed in an Island Voices op-ed, after a major storm it’s inevitable that raw sewage, storm runoff and other contaminants will leach into our municipal water supplies. Read More

Column: Malware finds a way despite anti-malware software

The proliferation of malware, including viruses and ransomware, remains one of the biggest issues dogging the information technology industry. Read More

Column: Acer Spin 5 home office laptop is worthy of your consideration

We’re always assessing technology that we think can be useful to small-business owners, and one of the better laptops we’ve looked at recently is the Spin 5 from Acer. Read More

Quick backup solutions to store, protect your data

Ever since the advent of computers, the primary concern always has been, “Is the system backed up?” Read More

Insights from annual cybersecurity conference DEF CON

Hackers and defenders alike recently made their annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas for DEF CON, one of the largest cybersecurity conferences in the world. Read More

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