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Plant-based beverages lack same benefits as cow’s milk

New food products are being developed daily, and some definitely find their way to supermarket shelves. Over the last decade, plant-based milks have become increasingly popular as a substitution for cow’s milk. Read More

Body needs its water level to stay in constant balance

Water in, water out — it’s the most basic illustration of the body’s attempt to maintain water homeostasis, or the ideal balance of fluid in the body. Virtually everything the body needs is subject to a balancing act of taking in enough to balance unavoidable losses. Read More

Proceed with caution when treating GERD with drugs

Heartburn, the common term for GERD, or gastroesophageal reflux disease, is increasingly common and is occurring at earlier ages than in the past. Read More

Establish your protein needs before other calorie sources

Unlike a car, which just needs one type of fuel, the human body requires three energy sources from food: protein, fat and carbohydrate. Over the past few decades, conflicting and confusing recommendations have come from a wide variety of sources about how these three calorie sources should be balanced in the adult diet. Read More

Food type dictates how well nutrients will be absorbed

Our Jan. 12 article stressed the critical importance to health of providing the body with an adequate supply of all essential nutrients. To do this requires the intestine to absorb an adequate supply of these essential nutrients. Read More

Lack of essential nutrients can seriously impair health

Staying healthy or getting healthy requires good nutrition. Although you can find many self-appointed experts expounding on the perfect diet for all, no matter what, the way you eat must meet three key principles. Read More

Healthy hydration combines fluids and water-packed foods

Water is important for good health, but good hydration is much more than drinking plenty of water. The goal is not just to drink lots of water, but rather to maintain a balancedamount of water in the body and maintain a normal state of hydration. It is important to understand that water is an essential nutrient and comes from both food and water sources. Read More

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