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Ray Catania is a Hawai‘i Workers Center (HWC) board member and care worker.
Column: Underpaid workers deserve better deal

In much of the world, May 1, May Day-International Workers’ Day, celebrates the contributions of workers and unions past and present. These include progressive, humane policies such as child labor laws, workers compensation, and the weekend. Read more

                                A poster for the local film, “Waikiki,” by director Chris Kahunahana is shown here.
Column: Hawaii filmmakers need tax incentives

As filmmakers, we are committed to making movies in Hawaii that focus on local stories, and we are always thinking about how to sustain a thriving film community and industry. Read more

                                The Falls of Clyde was seen docked at Honolulu Harbor in October.
Column: Historic Falls of Clyde can still be saved

It’s been questioned why the state Department of Transportation Harbors Division (DOTHD) hasn’t finalized the Falls of Clyde International (FOCI) contract to remove the historic ship, Falls of Clyde, from Honolulu Harbor. Removal has been the DOTHD’s goal since 2015. Read more

<em>Kealii Lopez is state director of AARP Hawaii.</em>
Column: Expand access to audio telehealth

House Bill 1980 HD2 SD2, a bill making its way through the state Legislature with broad support from both patients and providers, will significantly expand access to health care for Hawaii’s kupuna low-income, limited-English-proficient and rural residents. Read more

Column: EITC aid boosts isle families, economy

Everyone deserves the opportunity to live in a place where they can thrive. But our current economic state, exacerbated by the pandemic, left half of Hawaii’s families financially unstable, and has led to our fourth-in-the-nation outmigration rate Read more

                                The sun set under a blanket of clouds in Haleiwa.
Column: Earth Day: Invest now in Hawaii’s future

Hawaii is home to some of the most unique plants, animals, fish and corals on the planet. From honeycreepers’ bright songs in the forest to the vibrant colors of life on our reefs, the biological richness of Hawaii is unmatched. Read more

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