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Letter: Cut waste from DOE, support teachers

Educators who have been in the Hawaii Department of Education system long enough are aware of the top-heavy bureaucracy in which taxpayer money is squandered on unnecessary positions and wasteful initiatives. Read More

Letter: Don’t let Pidgin fade from Hawaii culture

Say it ain’t so, Lee. In her recent column, Lee Cataluna lambasted the Oxford English Dictionary’s decision to include “hammajang” as “trying-to-be-hip-but-not-fooling-anybody,” and said that OED can have the word, because we “weren’t using it” (“1988 called — it wants its word back,” Star- Advertiser, Feb. 8). Read More

Letter: Lawmakers inflict damage on isles

Lawmakers seem hell-bent on ruining tourist attractions and Hawaii’s quality of life. Read More

Letter: Army Corps has poor track record

Regarding “Ala Wai issue bigger than some houses” (Star-Advertiser, Letters, Feb. 7): In Palolo, many homes are located below the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ (USACE) proposed 30-foot “detention dam,” which is designed to slow a 100-year flood toward Waikiki. Read More

Letter: Kakaako tragedy and the Amish

In the wake of the recent tragic crash and deaths of our three beautiful brothers and sister in Kakaako, a tragic memory from the past came to my mind. Read More

Letter: Reasonable to let dogs in restaurants

I would like to express my support for Senate Bill 1152 and House Bill 681 to allow dogs in restaurants. Read More

Letter: B&B operators aren’t malicious

So far, adversarial wrangling has resulted in no resolution. Let’s reset the tone of the conversation. Read More

Letter: Cataluna right about our elected leaders

Thank goodness for Lee Cataluna! She is one of the few who will speak out about the meandering of the minds of our elected leaders. Read More

Letter: Chronic homeless need Housing First

As a former homeless outreach volunteer, I’ve long noted that the majority of homeless are men, most of whom do not want shelter but would rather reside in our streets and parks. Read More

Letter: Bollards would help protect pedestrians

We were in Las Vegas during the Super Bowl. While waiting to cross at a Las Vegas Boulevard crosswalk, where there is a high mix of foot traffic alongside oncoming vehicles, we noticed an array of thick bollards. Read More

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