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  • Thursday, January 17, 2019
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Letter: Fireworks scofflaws know more than HPD

It’s just so incredibly amazing that tens of thousands of people across Oahu are able to find out where and from whom to buy illegal fireworks, but the Honolulu Police Department, with all its incredible investigative techniques, aren’t able to do exactly the same thing and then arrest the people who are illegally selling them and, through them, arrest the people who are illegally importing them into the state. Read More

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Letter: Lifespan predictions prove unreliable

The recent flurry of articles regarding the state’s new medical-aid-in-dying law missed a glaringly ironic point. Read More

Letter: Aid in dying can be compassionate

In 1979, my mother, who lived with me, suddenly started losing weight. By the time she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, it was inoperable. From diagnosis to death was nine extremely painful months. Read More

Letter: Religion shouldn’t be imposed by law

While I agree that a person’s religious affiliation, alone, should not be a means of exclusion for public office, I do not agree that religion should be “left out of the conversation.” Read More

Letter: Amid bombardment, no law enforcement

New Year’s Eve was an ear-shattering, eye-watering, throat-burning eight-hour ordeal perpetrated by the resident bullies and their friends from one house in our neighborhood. Read More

Letter: Revoke law allowing medical aid in dying

The euphemistically named “Our Care, Our Choice” Act legalizing medical aid in dying is deeply flawed and should be revoked. Read More

Letter: Excessive-fireworks coverage lacking

After eight hours of war zone-type noise and smoke in my neighborhood in Mililani, I was very surprised to see no news about fireworks in either the newspaper or online in the morning. Read More

Letter: New Year’s blow-ups are acts of terrorism

Nearly every day and night for the past month, we’ve been hearing bombs exploding in Kailua. Please stop calling them “illegal fireworks.” Read More

Letter: Illegal aerials dodge state port security

So much for our illegal-fireworks law. Where in heck is the enforcement personnel or stiff fines and jail time to make one think twice about even attempting to bring in aerials? That will surely put teeth into stopping it at the ports of entry. Read More

Letter: Drones could keep scofflaws guessing

Here we are again — Dec. 31 — putting up with illegal fireworks bombs that have made neighborhoods occasionally sound like a war zone for the last two months. Read More

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