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                                Kapolei Middle School Principal Richard Fajardo, above, stood inside the school cafeteria with marked-off seating as the state Department of Education unveiled its reopening plans.
Editorial: Consensus vital to reopen schools

Soon after signing off on a back-to-school agreement a couple of weeks ago, it became apparent that the state Department of Education and the Hawaii State Teachers Association lacked like-mindedness on safety details such as on-campus social distancing and face coverings. Read more

                                Gov. David Ige
Editorial: Grim prognosis for state budget

As the state Legislature ends its historically difficult session today, the work for its next one is already piling up. And a great deal of it — trying to square up the state’s costs with its plummeting tax revenues — won’t wait. Read more

                                <strong>“I think it’s monumental for Native Hawaiians. We got such a great victory, one that will result in something that is payable.”</strong>
                                <strong>Leona Kalima</strong>
                                <em>Lead plaintiff in the case against the state</em>
Editorial: State must settle with Hawaiians

The statement from the Hawaii Supreme Court on a decades-long legal fight has come down, and it couldn’t have been said more plainly: The state has failed in its trust responsibilities to deliver on a promise first made by the federal government a century ago, to provide homesteading for Hawaii’s indigenous people. Read more

                                A man wearing a mask passes a painted mural along Halekauwela Street on Friday, June 12, 2020 in Honolulu.
Editorial: Show your aloha, keep the mask on

In a survey commissioned by the state Department of Health and conducted in April, nearly three-quarters of Hawaii residents viewed COVID-19 as a “very serious” health concern. It’s alarming that in a follow-up poll, done in late May and early June, that view dropped to 54%. Read more

Honolulu Police Department.
Editorial: Pass mandate for police disclosure

The push for police reform has become a national issue with such momentum that, at least in Hawaii, the tide has turned in favor of a provision open-government advocates have sought for years: disclosure of police officers’ identity upon suspension or discharge as a disciplinary action. Read more

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