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Koko Crater trail needs fixing

Kudos to the Kokonut Koalition, a group of hikers that called attention to the city’s “benign neglect” of Koko Crater trail. City proposals now in the works to patch wooden crossties on the trail are a much-needed step in the right direction. Read More

Editorial: Stop violations of inmates’ rights

State government in Hawaii faces a multitude of computer-age shortcomings, with much of the bureaucracy, incredibly, still shuffling through paper records. Read More

Column: Enact automatic voter registration to modernize elections

When there is virtually no opposition and an outpouring of support for a bill that only promises to improve our civic life, decision- making for our lawmakers should be easy. Read More

Letter: Trump drives America toward revolution

Last year, pipe bombs were mailed to a former Democratic president and other prominent members of the Democratic Party, in an apparent attempt to assassinate them. Read More

Letter: High costs will drive tourists to other places

Another increase in hotel taxes. What does it mean? Who are the ones to end up paying? The tourist, of course. Read More

See what’s planned for Ala Wai

Among the threats the proposed $345 million Ala Wai Flood Control Project addresses: a 100-year event — meaning there’s a 1 percent probability of it occurring in any given year — in which stormwaters descending from the Koolaus spill from tributaries and the Ala Wai Canal to flood Waikiki, causing damage to some 3,000 structures and requiring more than $1 billion in repairs. Read More

Editorial: Caution required as economy slows

Remember the green shoots of economic recovery, back in the years following the Great Recession of 2009? That grass soon filled in nicely, but now the lawn is starting to look brown around the edges. Read More

Column: Abercrombie gives Beto O’Rourke’s presidential candidacy an enthusiastic thumbs up

As the Beto O’Rourke for President campaign arrives in Hawaii, some of the first hands pushing the effort forward belong to former Democratic Gov. Neil Abercrombie. Read More

Letter: Let truth come out on our government

Have we already forgotten the main democratic principle our grandfathers, fathers and uncles fought and died for in World War II? Fascism begins when government disguises or hides the truth from its citizens. Read More

Letter: More than one side to preschool issue

Unfortunately, this question has now become so political that, in the end, the real losers will be the beneficiaries whose interests this was supposed to protect in the first place. Read More

Editorial: Bail reform can ease overcrowding

Last week’s hours-long disturbance at the Wailuku jail — inmates trashed two housing modules, breaking furniture and igniting a small fire that charred walls — appears to be the latest symptom of a long-standing state Department of Public Safety problem: overcrowding. Read More

Column: Honolulu could use more democracy

Honolulu may need more democracy to help solve its problems. Read More

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