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Letter: Say no to legalized marijuana in isles

Our state lawmakers are considering measures to make vaping less attractive to young people and to reduce the blood alcohol level at which a person is considered intoxicated. Read More

Trump-Kim summit: U.S. needs to hit firmly on nuclear arms and sanctions

The second summit, slated for later this month in Vietnam, is a moment for the two countries to really talk about a pathway toward partnership. Read More

Editorial: Vacation rentals must be reined in

In the debate on how to put right sketchy operations of online home-sharing platforms in Hawaii, transparency is key to a viable solution. Read More

Column: Legacy for Hawaiian community at risk

If we stand together, Kawananakoa’s vision for her philanthropy and dream for the Hawaiian people will be realized for generations to come. Read More

Column: Don’t place interceptor missiles in Hawaii

For the people of Hawaii, who experienced the false missile alert of January 2018, a defensive system might sound like a good idea. Read More

Column: REITs divert tax revenue from state

Faith Action for Community Equity believes the state can start to significantly fill the need by making REITs pay their fair share of taxes every year. Read More

On Politics: Counties get taste of GET and want bigger portion of tax

It will be up to the counties to figure out another way besides just asking for new, never-envisioned taxing powers — because this Legislature is not giving up its power. Read More

Letter: Don’t segregate or isolate seniors

As a 74-year-old Hilo resident and one who, unabashedly, questions many status quo, societal institutions, I feel as though older people are separated, isolated, forgotten and self-judgmental. Read More

Letter: Trump’s wall would take years to build

The wall will be much like the Honolulu rail project in terms of problems with poor project definition, incomplete requirements, difficult land acquisition and never-ending litigation. Read More

Column: Mahalua ka mahaʻoi mai uka a kai

Synopsis: First the telescopes, then the whales, and now the wēkiu bug. In each case, traditional Hawaiian values are subjugated to unyielding Western control. Read More

Editorial: Few choices with Aloha Stadium

The Legislature faces difficult choices: Spend money on an old, outdated stadium. Build a new stadium somewhere. Do nothing. The third option has already been tried, and the results speak for themselves. Read More

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