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Five-0 Redux


Following in footsteps of ‘Hawaii Five-0,’ new ‘Magnum’ reboot is a sure bet

On July 24, the cast and crew of “Magnum P.I.” celebrated the launch of their first season. Like “Hawaii Five-0”, the show marked the occasion with a traditional Hawaiian blessing. Read More

‘Hawaii Five-0’ fans hope season 9 is good for Steve McGarrett’s health and heart

This week, as “Hawaii Five-0” returned to filming, fans were extra excited to see their favorite leading man, Alex O’Loughlin, working on the ninth season of the action drama. Read More

‘Hawaii Five-0’ begins shooting season 9 with renewed confidence

On July 10, the cast and crew of ‘Hawaii Five-0’ launched the ninth season of their hit CBS action drama. They marked the day with a traditional Hawaiian blessing, as they have every year since the series start. Read More

‘Hawaii Five-0’ newcomers Meaghan Rath and Beulah Koale prove that the kids are all right

Last summer, after the exit of series regulars Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park, CBS announced the addition of Meaghan Rath and Beulah Koale to the “Hawaii Five-0” cast. Both actors were not only newcomers to the show, but relative unknowns. Read More

Season 8 villains add depth and intrigue to ‘Five-0’

Since the demise of Wo Fat and Gabriel Waincroft, “Hawaii Five-0” has been seriously deprived of a series villain. Each season, various bad men and evil women have tried to fill those shoes-- to no avail. Still, season eight gave us a few options that could be contenders for the coveted crown. Read More

Recurring characters continue to forge lasting ‘Five-0’ friendships

For the last eight years, “Hawaii Five-0” has featured talented and interesting character actors in recurring guest roles. Sometimes these characters have returned in subsequent seasons to revive their character arcs within a storyline. Read More

Honoring the ‘Five-0’ dads for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is always a wonderful time to celebrate dads and all they do for our families. “Hawaii Five-0” has highlighted several father figures over the course of their eight seasons. Read More

Strong guest stars, helped to elevate ‘Five-0’ storylines

Each season “Hawaii Five-0” has featured guest actors who have often brought more to the show than viewers expect. Usually, a guest star is listed in the press release with little fanfare or special highlight. Yet their performances have helped to add to the show’s continued success. Read More

Wrapping up season 8 of ‘Hawaii Five-0’

For most people, June marks the start of summer-- school is out, traffic lessens at bit, and our beaches are a bit more crowded than usual. For “Hawaii Five-0” fans, it’s the start of four months of repeats and counting the days until the start of new episodes in September. While fans impatiently wait-- they also have time to mull over all of the questions surrounding the ending of the last season. Read More

Naylor wins a Telly for the ‘Five-0’ DVD bonus, ‘The Chun Family Legacy’

On May 22, freelance producer and director David Naylor won a Telly Award for his video short “The Chun Family Legacy,” a special feature on the “Hawaii Five-0” season seven DVD collection. The DVD, which contains all 25 episodes of the 2016-17 season, includes a gag reel, deleted and extended scenes, as well as several video shorts, was eagerly anticipated by fans of the CBS television series. Read More

‘Five-0’ uncovers secrets and Russian spies in their season 8 finale

It is not unusual for “Hawaii Five-0” to uncover secrets and lies while McGarrett and his team investigate all the murder and mayhem that seem to plague the television version of our beautiful island. In this week’s eighth season ender, titled “Waiho wale kahiko,” which is Hawaiian for “Ancients Exposed,” the Five-0 team find themselves face-to-face with a Russian nuclear attack submarine which has appeared off the coast of Waikīkī. Read More

‘Five-0’ Season 8 highlights

“Hawaii Five-0” started its eighth season last September in a precarious position. After the summer departure of series regulars Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park, many questioned the continued success and longevity of the show. But the show gained a second wind with the debut of two new characters. Read More

Five-0 Redux: O’Loughlin’s story of SEAL toughness digs into more of McGarrett’s past

The word “tough” is often used to describe something or someone that is difficult or extremely resilient, or perhaps strong and full of courage. A person can be tough to deal with, we can have a tough day, and meat can be tough. Likewise, having to make snap decisions is tough, confronting an enemy is tough, and a soldier is built tough.“Hawaii Five-0” has often shown this kind of toughness- especially when two members of the Five-0 task force are SEALs-- Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) and Junior Reigns (Beulah Koale). Read More

A smart change of pace keeps ‘Hawaii Five-0’ on top

Funny thing about children-- they tend to be as unpredictable as an erupting volcano. Luckily, most kids tend to settle down as they grow up, and with the help of their parents, begin to focus their angst and anger in more positive ways. Read More

‘Five-0’ proves that ʻohana means more than just family

Since Disney decided to embrace Hawaiʻi with all its corporate might, everyone now knows that ʻohana means family. Sometimes, “family” can mean more than just blood relations-- much like how the term “ʻohana” is used in “Hawaii Five-0.” Read More

Uncovering hidden secrets helps ‘Five-0’ solve a case and save a friend

Uncovering a secret is usually at the heart of solving any mystery. The hard part about finding the truth behind any mystery is having to unravel the riddles that surround it. Read More

‘Five-0’ finds their target with the help of an old friend

It’s rare that a television show can give you a history lesson and raise awareness about a cause that matters to Hawaiians. “Hawaii Five-0” often uses the stories and legends of Hawaiʻi-- along with historical fact-- to craft interesting plotlines for McGarrett (Alex OʻLoughlin) and the Five-0 crew. Read More

An act of repentance brings more of McGarrett’s past to light

It’s fairly human to look back into our pasts-- to relive cherished memories, and to remind ourselves of people we love. Often we remember the good times, as well as moments that we wish would stay buried forever. Read More

O’Loughlin does more than his duty in his ‘Five-0’ directorial debut

After eight seasons of “Hawaii Five-0,” it is always a treat when one of their own directs an episode. Fans tend to have a stronger connection to an episode when cast members sit in the director’s chair. Read More

The buzz around ‘Five-0’ suggests a strong end to season 8

It’s been an interesting couple of months for “Hawaii Five-0.” In February, fans spent four weeks with their favorite show on the back burner as CBS aired a special “Celebrity Big Brother.” These last few weeks, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament again sidelined Five-0. Still, even with only two episodes airing in March, there has been a lot of buzz and excitement surrounding the show. Read More

Rising from the ashes, ‘Five-0’ returns with a timely episode

It is not uncommon for “Hawaii Five-0” to take current issues that affect our islands and use them in a conflict within one of their storylines. This week’s episode had McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) and the Five-0 team searching for stolen tanks of chlorine gas which played an important part in a revenge plot against a fictional agribusiness, Agrocore. Read More

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