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Nutritious ulu could boost Hawaii’s food security

Ulu is rich in fiber, calcium, potassium, B vitamins and pro-vitamin A carotenoids. If more people ate breadfruit, we would cut down on diabetes and other health issues. Read More

Gold trees and relatives can make splendid, colorful lei

The combo weather we’vebeen having — dry, then wet, calm, then windy from all different directions (trades, Kona, weird easterlies, superstrong southerlies) — seems to have triggered a stress response in gold trees and their relatives that is making them bloom so beautifully this year. Read More

Grasscrete a concrete replacement that helps the aina

Grasscrete, where grass is grown in cells interspersed between concrete is an akamai and aina-friendly investment in our underground water aquifers. Read More

Bougainvillea blossoms make fine lei

Yes, a florist would be faster and easier, but making lei with bougainvillea are a timely way to take advantage of the winter blooming plant. Read More

Decorate with, give away festive puakenikeni balls

Gardeners can use puakenikeni fruit to make excellent and versatile holiday decor. Read More

Browning coconut fronds caused by alien beetles

When coconut fronds yellow and brown before drying up, the coconut palm is reabsorbing and reusing nutrients. Brown and tattered midtree fronds are a different story. Read More

Sweet-smelling ginger can be both pleasant and a pest

Late one pau hana evening, I was picking a sweet bouquet of fragrant ginger from my garden. Ah, I thought to myself, this is one of life’s simple, joyful pleasures. Read More

Keiki might be thankful for thornless kiawe trees

Question: Why did the big old historic kiawe tree at the Halekulani Hotel fall over? Could it be saved? Could they plant a new one if not? Read More

Retro hedge choice returns as a pest-resistant beauty

Question: Can you tell me more about blue plumbago? Where can I get it? Read More

Native pohinahina deftly veils ugly fences, even holds in eroding slopes

Question: Can pohinahina be grown as a vine? I have an ugly chain-link fence and want to go native and xeric! Can it take strong wind and drought? — Mahalo, M.B.G., Hawaii Kai Read More

Rare state flower deserves to be propagated in islands

Question: Please tell us about our state flower. It’s a yellow native Hawaiian hibiscus, right? And where can our ohana go and see it this summer? Read More

Cultivation can help survival of native Hawaii gardenia

Who doesn’t love gardenias? Most Hawaii people, and gardeners in general, swoon for their fragrance and floral perfection. It feels like summer to us when kiele, or gardenia, is in bloom. We cherish the flowers and like to grow them in our gardens. Read More

Easy, ono beans are perfect for starter vegetable garden

Question: My daughter got inspired at school to grow a vegetable garden for our ohana. She wants us to eat vegetables that we grow ourselves. We want to encourage and help her. What are the best plants for success in Hawaii? Read More

Native Hawaiian plants will flourish if allowed to crowd

Question: I planted native Hawaiian kupukupu fern around my epic hapuu Hawaiian tree ferns. The kupukupu went nuts, grew really well and is even climbing up the hapuu trunk. The hapuu fronds seem smaller now. Read More

Lacy native Hawaiian plant needs to be grown with care

I was reminded about a fabulous yet undergrown native Hawaiian plant on our New Year’s Day hike with my epic neighbors and their akamai son, Scotty. Read More

Seeking gardeners’ gifts? Utilize local flowers, plants

It’s easy to find or create local gifts and decorations for your plant-loving friends and ohana. It’s also good for our environment and the Hawaii economy to keep it as local as we can. Read More

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