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Tool pits, but mangles, mangoes

A mango-slicing gadget seemed like the perfect tool for someone like me — I love mango but am sensitive to the sap. Read more

Doohickey for rice saves time

Rapid Brands’ Rapid Rice Cooker promises “Perfect Instant Rice in 3 Minutes!” — not to be mistaken for perfect rice, instantly. Read more

Air fryer an OK substitute for oil

Makers of the NuWave fryer state that it “fries” foods without fat or oil, using “hot air with high-speed air circulation. Read more

Yonanas produces refreshing desserts

Dole claims that its Yonanas “turns any frozen fruit into soft serve” — similar to the nondairy banana soft serve offered at Banan on University Avenue. Read more

Egg cooker an imperfect device

While the the Casabella Exact Egg Boiler does work, there were some stumbling blocks, so its usefulness will depend on the operator. Read more

Cupcake insert gives food split personality

Wilton’s Sweet Surprises Cupcake Insert makes use of two cake batters and a cupcake tin to make what Wilton calls “exciting multicolored and multiflavored cupcakes.” Read more

Doohickey delivers a pretty cut

While spaghetti spirals are the norm for most hand-held spiralizers, Chef’n’s sunshine-toned tool creates a beautiful ribbon spiral about a quarter-inch thick. Read more

Egg separator is cute to boot

While Christmas shopping online last year, I came across an egg separator in the shape of a fish. Read more

Make tasty, healthier chips

Are you regretting the handfuls of oily chips you consumed during your Super Bowl party Sunday? Maybe next year you can serve an oil-free option using Mastrad TopChips chip maker. Read more

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