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Does it Work?


Thawing board speeds defrosting time

Quickly defrosting a steak or chicken breast for dinner can be intimidating. Read More

Egg separator is cute to boot

While Christmas shopping online last year, I came across an egg separator in the shape of a fish. Read More

Make tasty, healthier chips

Are you regretting the handfuls of oily chips you consumed during your Super Bowl party Sunday? Maybe next year you can serve an oil-free option using Mastrad TopChips chip maker. Read More

Coffee maker’s tank adds value

I have to begin with a confession: I am not a “true” coffee drinker. Read More

Knife sharpener makes cut

The banes of my kitchen existence are a couple of dull paring knives that my subpar sharpener can’t address. So when samples of two new knife sharpeners came across my desk, I was more than happy to give them a whirl. Read More

Microwave ramen cooker a reason to rejoice

I stumbled across the Rapid Ramen Cooker at Longs Drugs and knew I had to get it. We love instant ramen at our house, and the promise of cooking it even faster was appealing. Read More

Mochi reheating made easy

Thanks to Inomata’s Mochi Renji gadget, I can enjoy mochi filled with tsu­bushian (sweet bean paste) or topped with kinako (roasted soybean starch) in less than two minutes. Read More

Egg-scrambling gadget not all it’s cracked up to be

Of all the gadgets I’ve tested so far, this has to be the worst. Read More

Tool cooks bacon to perfection

A co-worker and crisp-bacon addict suggested I test Allstar Products Group’s BaconBoss. Read More

Mixed results for melon cutter

I started out panning the ez Slice Right from Spark Innovators Corp., which is supposed to cut even slices of “all sizes and kinds of melon” quickly, easily and with “no more messy cleanup.” Read More

TouCan prevents razor-sharp lids

The TouCan boasts of being the world’s easiest hands-free can opener — “no razor-sharp edges on can or lid!” — which means no accidental cuts when removing lids from canned goods. The packaging also promises to open “all size cans” and be “fast and easy!” Read More

Clever Cutter lets you chop scissors-style

A couple of people requested that I test the As Seen on TV Clever Cutter, which combines a knife and cutting board in one tool. Read More

For $5, brownie maker is pleasing

If you are finicky about your brownies, Rapid Brands’ Rapid Brownie Maker is not for you. But if you enjoy a fudgelike, chocolaty treat, give the product a try. Read More

No-drain pasta an easy meal

One of the world’s simplest meals is pasta using sauce from a jar. Boil water, cook pasta, drain, add sauce. Barilla’s Pronto pasta makes it even simpler by eliminating the pain of draining. Read More

2 isn’t always better than 1

Farberware’s Dual Head Potato Masher looks as though it would mash potatoes in half the time of a regular masher, but looks can be deceiving. Read More

Hotshot butter knife scores for good looks

THAT! Inventions’ SpreadTHAT! II is a butter knife that looks like it’s beendesigned by Porsche. But it tries to solve a dilemma that never really was a problemto begin with. Read More

Best not to shell out for this

The As Seen on TV geniuses seem to know what people want, even if those people themselves don’t know. Too bad each product is such a hit-or-miss proposition. Read More

Peeler tackles thick and thin

Kyocera says its Extra-Wide Peeler is super-efficient because of its 4-inch ceramic blade, which is great for heavy-duty peeling tasks such as the thick rindsof root vegetables, papayas and melons. Does it live up to its description? Yes. Is it easy to use? Well, that depends. Read More

A car wash for your cutlery

The Cutlery Clean’R will help clean your spoons and forks. If you need help, that is. Read More

Tool safely separates, cuts cauliflower florets

I have never bought cauliflower, much less prepped it. But since I had a Chef’n Stalkchop cauliflower prep tool in hand, I was excited to have the chance to roast the florets — seeing so many cookbook pictures of the tanned and charred veggie was motivation. Read More

Core Brussels sprouts like pro

This is a gadget you’ll never knew you wanted until you’ve tried it. Read More

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