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Easy-Kine Cooking: Collards create hearty side dish

Collards are a beautiful, dark green veggie. They are full of vitamin A, K and many other key vitamins. Read More

Using frozen cheese ravioli makes lasagna easy

Classic Italian lasagna is pure comfort food, with a purpose — a large pan feeds a crowd. But few lasagna recipes carry the quick-and-easy label. Some have a laundry list of ingredients and directions. Read More

Local Moco: Anuhea’s Furikake Salmon

This salmon recipe from local entertainer Anuhea was featured in “Cooking Hawaiian Style Two” by Lanai Tabura and Frank Abraham. Read More

The Weekly Eater: Good food, friendly service abound at Ripple of Smiles

In an age when customer service is in short supply, owners Hung “Frank” Nguyen and Huyen Le are charming, gracious and humble hosts at The Ripple of Smiles in Kaimuki. Read More

Barfly: Goen, Maui Brewing, Off the Wall, Fujioka’s

Kailua offers new drinking options with the openings of Goen and Maui Brewing Co., Off the Wall offers self-service beer and more in Kakaako and Fujioka’s Wine Times is making waves in 2019 with its special store picks. Read More

9 food trends worth watching in 2019

Here are some of the most intriguing guesses at what and how Americans will be eating in the new year. Read More

River of Life job-training program an upscale chocolate success story

Chocolate on a Mission started out seven years ago as a job-training program and fundraising effort. Today, it’s beginning to taste the sweetness of success as it churns out gourmet chocolates for an upscale clientele. Read More

Use accessible ingredients to create Pad Thai in single skillet

Authentic pad thai requires ingredients like preserved daikon, palm sugar and dried shrimp. This version is flavored simply with brown sugar, fish sauce and lime juice. Read More

Bite Size: Raising Cane’s, ChiChop bring chicken fight to Oahu

If you’re outside of Honolulu, you may be unaware of the chicken fight soon to arrive at a neighborhood near you. Read More

The Electric Kitchen: Veggies take center stage

Vegetables were once branded as a side dish only — but no more. Veggies are increasingly occupying the center of the plate. Read More

Hawaii Culinary Education Foundation benefit presents Indian feast

Chef Vikram Garg is presenting ingredients and flavors of the Punjab region in northern India at a dinner Jan. 20. Read More

Overnight oats are an easy, make-ahead breakfast

Creamy chilled oats are an easy, make-ahead breakfast that blends the comfort of hot porridge with the fun of crunchy cereal in cold milk. Read More

Former Cafe Sistina in Makiki is gone for good

Sistina, known for its Northern Italian cuisine as well as dramatic frescoes painted from floor to ceiling, served its last plate of pasta Dec. 28. Read More

Going Gluten-Free: Thumbs up for Jersey Mike’s, Udi’s bread

In the gluten-free world, most mass-marketed breads are either so dry and tasteless, or so dry and crumbly, that it’s not worth the trouble to eat a sandwich. That is, until Jersey Mike’s Subs hit Hawaii. Read More

The Weekly Eater: Joy Cup Noodles Mean

In many Asian families, noodles are a must for the holiday table as a symbol of one of the great blessings for a new year, a promise of longevity. Joy Cup Noodles Mean fits the bill of offering bowls of long Chongqing-style noodles in mild to Sichuan hot versions. Read More

The Electric Kitchen: Pickles with a Chinese touch

Chinese pickles incorporate a balance of different flavors. Sweet, sour, salty, and spicy sensations come from ingredients like sugar, vinegar, shoyu and hot chili peppers. Read More

Chickpea stew is creamy, yet (somewhat) virtuous

Use chickpeas as the base for this hearty, creamy, heavily spiced stew that just happens to be free of meat or dairy, and full of protein and leafy greens. Read More

Easy-Kine Cooking: 2-ingredient roast chicken defines simplicity

When Mike Chung worked at the Manoa Fire Station, one of his favorite easy, easy dinners to make for the crew was a whole roast chicken. Now retired, the former fire captain still makes his recipe. Read More

Monkey Bread a sweet treat for kids of all ages

The name “monkey” refers to how you eat this sweet treat — with your hands. Read More

Local Moco: Pibimkuksu (Sesame Noodles)

This simple preparation of noodles, served at room temperature, makes a nice side dish, or could be the main course if surrounded by a variety of accompaniments. Read More

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