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Seeing the smallest objects requires humongous energy

It is an interesting aspect of the universe and an ironic sense of unity that it requires more energy to see smaller objects. This is the result of the properties of waves in general and specifically the nature of electromagnetic waves. Read more

Magnetic ‘magic’ offers a cool way to charge, cook

Charging a cellphone on an induction pad seems like magic, and in a way it is. Induction is a feature of electromagnetism that Michael Faraday stated in 1831, now known as Faraday’s law. It is the basis for much of modern electrical and electronic technology. Read more

Evaporation, not wind chill, leaves us cold on blustery days

The blustery winds over the past month have made us feel as if winter has set in for real. It is Hawaii, and the temperature rarely drops into the 60s, but we have “thin” blood and feel the cold more than our temperate-climate counterparts who might welcome 70 degrees in February as a cause for celebration. Read more

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