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Lee Cataluna: Pilot reaches goal with quick trip to Molokai

On Tuesday morning Briggs Wood took off from Kahului Airport in just about perfect weather to meet the goal he had set for himself. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Despite masking, Gabbard’s words remain

It seems like half the songs on the radio have dirty lyrics edited out, but not in a smooth, unobtrusive way. In an obvious way. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Chinese church says aloha to its pastor, Kekapa Lee

The First Chinese Church of Christ held a Hawaiian dinner for 300 members to say aloha to their kahu, Pastor Kekapa Lee, who is retiring after nearly a decade at the church. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Just go talk to the guy

Soon the 2019 legislative session will open, the Honolulu City Council will, hopefully, have all members officially seated and ready to rumble, and the news cycle will turn to a fresh spate of bills regulating behavior that people could pretty much deal with on their own if only everyone had better social skills. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Class on falling springs back into action

In the summer of 2017, Bill Doi, a fifth-degree black belt in aikido, taught a group of about 10 senior citizens how to fall. Read More

Lee Cataluna: One person’s trash is another’s violation

This is probably one of those things that happens all the time but rises up to a level of awareness only every few years: the people who come through neighborhoods to scavenge through trash. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Fireworks ban as ineffective as temperance

It’s as though Oahu is divided into two tribes. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Dusty, dull bureaucracy revealed in time capsule

On March 15, 1969, the newly completed Hawaii state Capitol was dedicated with the placing of a time capsule in a cornerstone of the building. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Walkable Honolulu becoming parkable, too

Jared from the office stands up and asks, “Hey, wanna go to lunch? I’ll drive.” And you go, “Sounds great!” and eagerly jump in his car, happy for the camaraderie, excited for the food but also eager to know where Jared is going to park, because everybody has their own secret spot to park around town, down some dusty alley or up some steep, dark parking ramp or in a fenced lot owned by a distant relative. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Permits, laws do little to stop jerks

Illegal fireworks are not restricted to Waipahu, Kunia, Ewa and Kapolei. They’re everywhere, echoing off valley walls in East Honolulu, lighting up the night sky in Waimanalo, setting off the dogs in Aiea. Everywhere. Every night. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Rushing to judge Honolulu prosecutor

Honolulu Prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro is on the business end of those pitchforks right now. Why? Because he received a target letter from the FBI letting him know he was under investigation. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Curiosity and drive make just the right sort

Clementine Kong likes to stay busy. Not just busy doing leisurely things, but busy in a way that challenges her. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Hurricane survey asks crucial questions

Every time a hurricane was heading our way this summer, the same confusion and fear would rise up and echo around the hours of media storm coverage, questions of whether to evacuate, where to go and what to bring. After a while, it became clear nobody had a good handle on this. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Rainy season comes with recognizable variations

We might not use precise words to describe rain, but there seems to be a shared understanding in Hawaii that rain isn’t just rain, that it comes in many forms, so that when you hear it might rain, you wonder, “OK, but what kind?” Read More

Lee Cataluna: Missing the benefits of big apologies

You know what you don’t see very often anymore, besides flip phones, fax machines and typewriters? Big apologies. Read More

Lee Cataluna: It wasn’t a bomb; it was just Gov. Ige

On Monday around lunchtime, some people in downtown Honolulu heard a big, reverberating boom. And then another. And another. Read More

Lee Cataluna: World-class beach is already a playground

I’m not sure what a world-class playground is, but I’m pretty sure what a world-class beach is, and I think Ala Moana beach park probably qualifies, especially if the bathrooms get clean and stay clean, the plumbing and irrigation features are fully functional, there are places to park and the nearshore water isn’t gunked up with trash or stream runoff or wastewater spills. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Thirty Meter Telescope debate not over with recent ruling

In October the Hawaii Supreme Court ruled in favor of the state’s approval of a conservation district use permit to build the $1.4 billion Thirty Meter Telescope on Mauna Kea, and it may have seemed like that was the end of the matter. Read More

Lee Cataluna: When the teacher’s best friend is a star

A few years back, the mother of one of teacher Cody Okimoto’s students came to see him after school. Read More

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