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Lee Cataluna: Endless campaign is finally near its end

Folks from East Honolulu are going to feel a letdown after tomorrow. It doesn’t matter who wins. After all the campaign mailers and Saturday morning knocks at the door and dinnertime robocalls, once the special election is over, things won’t be so special anymore. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Docs and future docs who walk the talk

‘Almost every week, someone comes up to me and says, ‘You changed my life!’” said Dr. Theresa Wee. Read More

Lee Cataluna: ‘Ninth Island’ is there, not here

The term doesn’t work for several important reasons, which happen to be related to the reasons people from Hawaii love Las Vegas so much. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Now we have green versus green

A bill that would have allowed large-scale solar energy projects to be put on prime agricultural lands died in the state Senate this week, but this doesn’t seem to be an issue that is going to go away. Read More

Lee Cataluna: April Fools’ prank just as big second time

Early Monday morning, people were already screaming on social media. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Rail problems big enough to impress the big guys

As the cranes and concrete pillars move closer to the airport, closer to the real ugly, expensive work of tearing through the heart of urban Honolulu, it’s pretty hard for the people in the middle to keep the faith. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Remnants of bygone era of true hospitality

From Kauai comes the news that plans to rebuild the venerable Coco Palms Resort have fallen through, making it the latest in a series of failed promises over the last 20 years to restore the unique hotel to its former glory or to reimagine a mix of that old-time grace with a more contemporary sensibility. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Not an order, just a bit of advice

No doubt you read about the Maui man who was advised by a judge to avoid Pepsi while on probation for car theft. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Local luminaries get caught reading

The video clips are the beginning of a collection in a multimedia campaign to encourage reading. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Taking a long time to park in exchange for quick exit

No, really. You just go right ahead and take all the time you need to back into that parking stall. No problem. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Common sorrows, uncommon bonds

Glendon and Josh are alike in surprising ways. When light hits their faces from a certain angle, the resemblance is clear. Sometimes their voices are very similar. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Biggest problem, fewest ideas

Everyone agrees on the problem. Nobody knows how to solve it. Impatience is growing that we’re stuck. Read More

Lee Cataluna: The writing’s on the wall (and it’s mostly really sweet)

Along a nondescript concrete breezeway between Foodland and Don Quijote in Pearl City is an ever-changing testament to the human heart. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Mechanic helps keep community running

In the last few weeks, three different people suggested I write about Jim Hirakawa. It seems they all wanted to make sure he knows he’s loved and needed so he doesn’t think about retiring. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Women emerge as voices of reason

‘How about those Kealohas, huh?” Every time a new development in the convoluted case of Louis and Katherine Kealoha hits the news cycle, the community tries to fit another piece into the warped puzzle of what was going on at the top of two top city agencies. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Spate of shootings seems to be new normality

When Honolulu police shot a man near the state Department of Health building in October, it was the sixth fatal shooting by HPD in a year, the highest number of fatal police shootings on Oahu since 2013. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Finding Najuma, the runaway doo-wop bird

Ay, that stinker Najuma. He’s a young guy out on his own, cruising Waikiki, checking the sights, spreading his wings. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Homeless situation not visibly any better

The homeless camp is back in Kakaako. Read More

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