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                                Aunty Fay Uyeda
Lee Cataluna: The auntie who held Waipahu together

Auntie Fay Uyeda’s emails were typed in all caps. When someone gently told her that style wasn’t proper etiquette and that it seemed like screaming, her response was to type all her emails in capital letters and in bold. Read more

Lee Cataluna: Kauai’s link to a more gracious era

David Penhallow- Scott never seemed a particular age. He knew so much of Kauai history, which made him sound older than he was, but he was funny and clever and busy with interesting projects, which made him appear younger than his years. Read more

                                Hawaii Lt. Gov. Josh Green checked on the heartbeat of one year old Joanne Semisi who was brought in by Imeleta Silva during a measles epidemic response in Samoa on Thursday, December 5, 2019.
Lee Cataluna: A show of leadership that wasn’t just for show

When state Sen. Josh Green wanted to be lieutenant governor, campaigning not just for higher office, but to serve specifically as an unappreciated No. 2 under the cold, uncollaborative David Ige, it seemed such a waste of an experienced emergency room doctor in a state where we have a perpetual shortage of doctors and an overage of do-nothing politicians. Read more

PIXABAY concert, nightclub, party, rave, dancing, nightlife, music
Lee Cataluna: Change is gonna come (but not quite yet)

Ready for the new year? Not just the obligatory slab of overpriced sashimi, the obligatory lucky soup that auntie makes you eat, the obligatory stash of illegal fireworks that will enrage legions of law-abiding, dog-owning, clean-air- loving people, but really ready, like ready for all the huge changes the new decade will bring? Read more

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