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Lee Cataluna: Simple gift involves many hands

In a hospital bed in Miami, 17-year-old Rebekah Lewis read the hand-written note from a boy in Hawaii. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Infighting is not ‘fighting the good fight’

Hawaii Republicans obviously have an uphill battle in the state. On top of that hill are the smug Democrats, really not paying the Republicans much attention. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Grandma, can I borrow your yoga pants?

Beyond yoga pants and inky eyebrows and puppy ears on Instagram, the shorthand for this era will probably not be kind. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Kauai feels the burden of overtourism

The new Kauai Tourism Strategic Plan has at its heart a stunning premise — that tourism has reached capacity on the island. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Ige’s not hiding, but he’s totally dodging

Republican gubernatorial candidate Andria Tupola sent out an email blast last week with the provocative subject line: “Can You Believe He’s Hiding?” Read More

Lee Cataluna: Media spotlight is not for everyone

Attention is catnip for some, kryptonite for others. I think every journalist has navigated the tender negotiations of convincing a reticent person it will all be OK. Usually it is. Read More

Lee Cataluna: The politics of storm prep rains down opportunities

‘There’s no way that the government ever looks good after a natural disaster, because there will always be the sense that more could have been done.” Read More

Lee Cataluna: Lines form, friendships blossom in Waimanalo

People have been showing up early in the morning to buy eggs in Waimanalo. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Schools have changed, but bullying endures

It was wrong back then. It’s wrong now. It shouldn’t take lawsuits and horrific videos and mulling to bring about peace in every child’s school day. Read More

Lee Cataluna: ‘Monster’ homes continue with total impunity

To build a house on Oahu requires armloads of permits and long months of waiting for approval. Read More

Lee Cataluna: If you don’t buy water you don’t need to return it

Now that the panic has drained away and we’re back to the normal grind of just trying to eke out a living in these gorgeous, overcrowded, expensive islands, can we take a moment to talk about the bottled water thing? Read More

Lee Cataluna: Maybe this time a prison will be built

If Ige manages to get a prison built during his administration, or even get the construction started in earnest, it will be something close to a miracle. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Honolulu Little League champs expand meaning of aloha

All this week, people have been struggling to put into words the deeper meaning of the Honolulu Little League team’s win of the World Series. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Homeless veteran honored at funeral

On a rainy morning in Kaneohe, about 20 people showed up at a memorial service for a man who, just a month earlier, had nobody. Read More

When wait and see is the best we can do

Most people probably were toggling between different news sources over the last several days trying to figure out what was hype and what was right. Read More

Storm prep includes attitude of resilience

All those buzzwords like sustainability and resilience — All those catchphrases in current educational trends, like ingenuity and grit — Read More

Shush! Hawaii is busy winning

On Sunday morning, all across the state, the voices started small: “Knock it off, you guys. Enough.” Read More

Talented legislators got lost in crowded primary

Without opposition for legislative seats in the general election, Democrats bunch up in the handful of big races, some good candidates get wiped out, and we end up without enough qualified, experienced, normal people actually running the government. Read More

Voting now easy but somehow uninspiring

More people signed the petition against an out-of-state restaurant trying to kapu the name “Aloha Poke” than voted for David Ige in the primary. Read More

‘Peace Lady’ finds new ways to share her message

The Pali Peace Lady has changed her approach. Instead of waving at thousands of commuters as they zoom past every morning, she has moved off major thoroughfares and is talking to people in parks and on sidewalks. Read More

Humble pie on the menu at post-election Unity Breakfast

There are bound to be some awkward moments at the Democratic Party’s Unity Breakfast this morning. Read More

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