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Column: Five steps for Social Security success

Check your online Social Security profile regularly to screen for errors and see what tools can help you. Read More

Breathing tubes fail to save many older patients

Only a quarter of intubated patients go home from the hospital. Read More

I had Alzheimer’s. But I wasn’t ready to retire.

Employers shouldn’t push out people with early-onset dementia. We still have a lot to offer. Read More

Cancer survivor, 86, leads breast-knitting campaign

Anderson lost her breasts to cancer 12 years ago. Read More

Still clubbing at 82

The club owner was turned away from a bar and decided to open his own venue. Read More

The retirement benefits of a health savings account

Dear Savvy Senior: What can you tell me about health savings accounts? I’ve heard they are a great investment to help with growing health care costs when I retire. — Planning Ahead Read More

Slowing as we grow older, but not too quickly

Though competitive runners slow down as they age, losses may not be as great and once thought. Read More

Positively Young: It’s not up to you to make others happy

Other people’s happiness is not your responsibility. Read More

Why baby-talking to your grandma is not OK

Speaking to nonverbal elders helps their mood and demeanor. Read More

Positively Young: It’s OK not to relate to relatives

‘Tis the holiday season and that often means reunions and gatherings in which family come together to celebrate their bond — whether it be strong or tenuous. Read More

When you need help caring for an aging parent

Dear Savvy Senior: Where can I turn for caregiving help? I help take care of my 78-year-old mother but I still have to work. — Exhausted Daughter Read More

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