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UH’s Matlin, an Astros fan, got his start at Houston

David Matlin has a perfectly good reason for cherishing a favorite Major League Baseball team and also having a clear choice for second favorite. That’s why when his No. 1 team lost its best pitcher late this season, it wasn’t too traumatic. Read more

Thomas took the high road to get here

Throughout the 2016-17 season he sat on the bench in street clothes. He was at once a reminder of the good old days and a harbinger of a potentially bright future for the University of Hawaii basketball team. Read more

UH has the talent but not the discipline to succeed

As it prepares to host San Jose State tonight, the University of Hawaii football team’s record is 2-4. But it could easily be 1-5 or 3-3. It might even be 4-2 if just a couple of plays had gone the other way. Read more

Wagner’s wonders finally get into circle

It’s fitting that this is homecoming weekend and Bob Wagner’s 1992 University of Hawaii football team is being celebrated as inductees of UH’s Circle of Honor. Read more

Penalties, mistakes haunt UH in horror film

Legi Suiaunoa spent the past two weeks binge-watching. It’s not one of his favorite shows, oh no … far from it. But it had to be viewed, again and again. Read more

Wyoming fans go the extra mile for football

Some will come from Cody, the town named after the legendary frontiersman Buffalo Bill … 350 miles away, up near the Montana state line, not far from Yellowstone National Park. Read more

Intentional or not, targeting will always be a penalty from now on

Did he target or didn’t he? The officiating crew on the field Saturday at the University of Hawaii’s football game at UCLA and the replay review officials determined that Tui ’Unga did not break the rule that disallows leading with the helmet at an opponent’s neck or head. Read more

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