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5 ideas to consider for global adventures

Are you planning a global adventure with your family? Here are five ideas to consider. Read More

Exotic, diverse experiences without going abroad

Throughout the year, families can uncover exotic and culturally diverse experiences without leaving the United States. Here are five ideas to consider. Read More

Simple tips to stay healthy while you’re traveling

Traveling can take a toll on your health, said Dr. Douglas Kaiden, medical director of Priority Private Care, an emergency care facility in New York City. Before your next trip, consider his tips. Read More

Family Travel Five: Opportunities to explore

Travel provides opportunities to learn new skills and explore the world beyond our own boundaries. Here are five ideas to consider. Read More

Where to harvest your fall travel plans

The fresh air and vibrant colors of the season inspire families to harvest fall travel plans. Here are five ideas to consider. Read More

6 safety tips for a solo road trip

Hitting the road on your own can be an incredibly liberating experience. Read More

Plans do not need to end when school bell rings

When the school bell rings, must travel plans come to end? Here are five ways to keep your travel dreams on track while school is in session. Read More

How to protect your cellphone (and your data) when you travel

Many travelers consider their cellphones essential when they’re on the road and rely on them for taking pictures, texting and finding their way around. Read More

5 getaways with local food festivals that are worth the trip

Some hotels try to create buzz by opening restaurants with high-profile chefs. Lately, however, a growing number of properties are throwing entire food festivals instead. Read More

5 places where you can get a snapshot of a wild bison

Here are five places where you can snap a shot of this American icon — with a zoom lens. Read More

Give children a seat at the planning table

What’s the best way to get that balance right and make sure your family vacation is enjoyable for everyone? Here are some tips. Read More

Fun things to do in New York with the kids

There is a lot to do in New York with the kids, no matter what your interests. From waterparks to Broadway shows, indoor or outdoor activities, you’ll never hear the phrase “I’m bored” in the Empire State. Read More

5 tips to sleep better on your next trip

Getting some shut-eye on a plane is a perennial challenge for travelers, but there are a few low-tech tricks that can make switching time zones and taking long-haul flights a little easier. Read More

How to plan your next trip around a ‘walk-cation’

Here are a few tips for planning your next walk-cation. Read More

Frequent-flier seats growing easier to book

Airlines are making it easier for frequent flyers to redeem their travel rewards, as major carriers work harder to keep their most loyal customers happy, according to a seat-availability survey released last week. Read More

Pursue a passion or explore a new hobby

Family vacations provide time to pursue a passion or explore a new hobby. Here are five ideas to consider. Read More

Do the research to find the right tour guide

For many travelers, hiring a private tour guide is a luxury. But with an informed approach, it’s an expense that’s often worth the cost. Read More

5 ways to go beyond sightseeing and expand awareness

Travel offers the prospect of a sensory feast. On your next trip, whether it be close to home or across the pond, encourage family members to do more than just see the sites. Read More

New airline seating proposal a stand-up idea

For those in the economy section of an airplane, flying is already an experience that falls somewhere between tolerable and miserable on the comfort spectrum. And that experience is not likely to get much more comfortable if Aviointeriors Group has its way. Read More

5 ways to savor the solace of open spaces

Numerous studies suggest that spending time in nature is beneficial for our mental and physical health. Here are five ways to ease the stress of daily life and savor the solace of open spaces. Read More

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