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Question: Regarding the condition of the restrooms at Hawaii State Library addressed in Kokua Line -- is.gd/tWLDOv: Why can't they be locked with keys available upon request? "Questionable" patrons can be accompanied by a security guard. Everyone is entitled to use a public restroom, but no one should be allowed to misuse it.

Question: In a 2010 column -- is.gd/ndhT1D -- you stated, "You can buy a lottery ticket in another state and if you win, you can keep the prize even if you're back home in Hawaii."

Question: What is the law regarding the caging and keeping of roosters in a residential neighborhood?

Question: On Pali Highway, there's a drive-off to a lookout where you can see the Honolulu Memorial Park pagoda. A lot of old building material and other stuff has been thrown over the side. Can you kindly inform whoever takes care of this area?

Question: The grass and bushes along the road around Waimea Bay and Sharks Cove block some of the best views in the world.

Question: I live in Ewa by Gentry. Yes, it is in the flight path of Honolulu Airport, and I did sign a covenant that stated airplanes will fly directly overhead between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Once in a while, the airport does runway work that requires planes to fly at all hours overhead, but that's only for a few days and not very often.

Question: Could you tell me why the parking lot adjacent to the downtown post office at 335 Merchant St. has a 24-hour/30-minute parking policy, since the post office is ostensibly closed at night and on the weekends?

Question: Now that work is done on the Ala Wai Canal, I see more people fishing, etc., I wonder about the water's quality. Is it safe to eat the fish or to go in the canal?

Question: A mysterious 2-foot-high lantern with the words "USDA QUARANTINE" and "643-PEST" appeared on a tree in the public sidewalk near my house in Ewa by Gentry last week.

Question: Is it OK to laminate your Medicare and HMSA cards? These cards are required when we register at the Medical Group and for lab tests. The Medicare card is also used to verify Social Security numbers.

Question: Regarding work on the H-1freeway: By the Waipahu exit and by the Palama Settlement area, it looks like they are putting light poles in the shoulder lane. It scares me to think that they're doing that, making narrow roads narrower and more dangerous for drivers. What are they doing?

Question: My Makaha neighborhood is having a problem with overnight scavengers taking cans from the blue recycling trash cans at the scheduled city pickup dates.

Question: The beach on the former Queen's Surf site is sometimes referred to by the news media as Queen's Surf Beach and at other times as Queen's Beach.

QUESTION: Who is responsible for cleaning the leaves/trash on the outside fence of Iolani Palace from the first gate on Richards Street to the Hawaii State Library facing South King Street?

Question: There have been heavy equipment operations going on 24/7 at the Waimanalo Gulch Landfill for the past several weeks. Don't they have to adhere to normal construction hours, that is, 7 a.m.

Question: Can you please clarify the parking charges at Pali Lookout for nonresidents versus local visitors?

Question: I've been seeing TV reports about Lanakila Meals on Wheels, which is subsidized by the state. But there is another organization called Meals on Wheels that is not subsidized by the state. Can you clarify the differences between the two?

Question: I read your article about two years ago saying there are two restrooms owned and maintained by the Hilton Hawaiian Village that are supposed to be open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Question: Can you update the public on the results of the recertifying of store security guards? How many retained their jobs, how many were let go? And the names of their companies? Were there any felons hired?

Question: My father died 10 years ago and left several accounts that our family did not know about.

Question: New poles are being placed next to old electric utility poles in Palolo, many of them only a few inches apart. Are there plans to remove the old poles once this project is completed? I fear that the old utility poles will be left in place, leaving Palolo to look like a utility pole jungle.

I live in Manoa. Some of my neighbors and my family have formed an informal neighborhood watch group. One of our neighbors who is not part of our group installed security cameras on their property.

Question: My family went to the Pali Lookout recently and noticed that there is now paid parking. Where does that money go? Is it paying for maintenance of the land? What are they having to do there that they didn't do before?

Question: I seem to have gotten on some political phone message system for one of the people running for office. Almost every day I get calls that fill my landline answering machine. How can I get rid of these annoying calls?

Question: I live in Honolulu and notice there are more light planes flying over the city -- lower, louder, earlier and more frequently.

Question: I reported two street lights out on Hawaii Kai Drive, between Hahaione and Keahole streets, on Feb. 22 and was told there is a two- to three-week backlog.

Question: Can you find out why your newspaper never reports attendance at the home games of the University of Hawaii men's basketball games? Attendance is reported for away games and for all other sports. What's the secret?

Question: I go to the Hawaii State Library on King Street weekly. For years, overloaded carts and other items belonging to the homeless are placed on library property and at the entrance steps. One day, the stench coming from two carts was overwhelming.

I am a senior citizen and have to renew my driver's license every two years. Last time, it was very frustrating. I finally got all the documents requested and got my license. My question, if you know, is, Do I have to take all those documents with me when it's time for me to renew again?

Question: The property owners at 2792 Pacific Heights Road have covered over the city's asphalt pavement with grass, plants and pots in front of their lot where a bus stop turn-out area was. Is this allowed?

Question: I work in a small store. One day, as I approached a customer, he blew out a puff of vapor from an e-cigarette and left quickly. I encounter many users who impart the slogan, "It's not smoke, it's vapor. You're welcome."

Question: I live in Niu Valley and run two to three times a week on Kalanianaole Highway toward Hawaii Kai. For over two years, the Maunalua Bay Beach Park restrooms have been closed for work on a sewer system.

Question: Can you find out who is responsible for erecting the numerous ugly, unnecessary and unfriendly blue "Keep Out -- Government Property" signs along Pali Highway?

Question: Last year, I wrote Kokua Line regarding the removal of afternoon "no parking" signs from the makai side of South King Street (see is.gd/qRYvCg).

Chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm may be present in foods or beverages sold or served here.

QUESTION: We have lived in Kailua for 40 years, but now have a major fly problem that's been escalating for well over two years. At any given time, I can stand in my front yard and count 15 flies on one leg alone, if not more.

Question: My wife and I went to a restaurant near the Ward Theaters. They have a liquor and wine menu with a vast number of choices, but absolutely no prices.

Question: I'm calling about the bus stop kitty-corner from City Hall and across from the Hawaii Public Library on South King Street. On Feb. 13 there was a homeless lady who uses her clothes as her bathroom there.

Question: Who can I contact to complain about the roadwork on Wai­alae Avenue? A couple times during the workweek during rush hour, they closed one to two lanes at 7 a.m., causing traffic to severely back up on Wai­alae. Why can’t they wait until rush hour is over to minimize the impact?

Question: I live in Kaimuki. My neighbor constantly is burning dry leaves from his mango tree. The smoke is terrible and going into all the neighbors houses, especially during Kona winds. Is burning leaves and brush and old branches allowed?

QUESTION: The wash-down area for boats at Maunalua Bay in Hawaii Kai recently was relocated to an area parallel to Kalanianaole Highway to allow repairs to the deteriorated pavement at the original wash-down area.

Question: I recently was on the H-3 Freeway, Kaneohe-bound, at 4:49 p.m., and in the right lane a huge truck was going 35 mph in a 60 mph zone.

Question: On Sunday, Jan. 12, at about 8 p.m., a fire-truck and another emergency vehicle with sirens on drove up Ainapo Street to Hahaione Park and were there for a considerable time.

QUESTION: What is the policy of the U.S. Postal Service regarding increasing rates on their post office boxes? In my case an invoice was left in my P.O. box with a due date of Jan. 31.

Question: We live in Makaha, and there is no safety-check station out here anymore that will do safety checks on motorcycles or boat trailers. There used to be several stations out here where we could take our motorcycle.

Question: I am cognizant there is a ban of smoking in city parks. Does the law also pertain to the parking lots? I have observed numerous individuals smoking in the parking lot of the Patsy Mink Central Oahu Regional Park.

Question: I thought that because Capitol Place was built on a municipal parking lot, it was required to charge municipal rates for public parking. However, the parking vendor installed a machine to collect parking fees which neither accepts coins nor gives change.

Question: What is the status of the condemned properties at 5839 and 5841 Kalanianaole Highway? They appear to be abandoned.

Question: I’ve noticed a lunch wagon with a handicapped-parking permit parked in a metered stall for free. I’ve also seen a big yellow school bus parked in a metered stall with a handicap permit and a taxi with a handicap permit waiting in a metered stall. They’re parking for free. Is this allowed?

QUESTION: Since the IRS doesn't mail tax forms anymore, I've been going to Aiea Library to pick up forms. However, I was informed that they won't be having the federal forms this year.

Question: The traffic signal at Kamehameha Highway and Halawa Drive is not synchronized and is probably one of the longest waits on the island. I was told it cannot be synchronized because the gizmo they use to do so is under the "Commander Pacific Fleet" wall sign, so access is impossible.

Question: When will the repaving of Kalanianaole Highway from Ainakoa Avenue to Lunalilo Home Road start?

Question: There was a large advertisement for tattoo removal in the Jan. 20 Star-Advertiser that said, "Attention All Law Enforcement and Military Personnel: New Tattoo Removal Law goes into effect July 1, 2014." What is that law?

QUESTION: This concerns a strip of land/dirt located between the street and the sidewalk and the trees planted on this strip. Recently, people cut down two trees planted on the strip.

Question: The Hono­lulu Star-Advertiser published a story on Oct. 22, 2010, about little fire ants on Maui. It mentioned a new bait that eradicated the ant infestation there. However, it did not provide the name of the bait or whether it was available.

Question: Why was the Aiea off­ramp, town-bound, coned off on Pro Bowl Sunday? I wanted to take the off­ramp at about 12:30 p.m. but was forced to continue on the freeway.

Question: I received a mysterious package that says “Return service requested. Open immediately. Package one of one.” I don’t recall any outstanding order. I’m afraid to open it because there’s no return address and I might be responsible for any payment due. Can you give me some advice?

Question: Can you print the name and address of the person who uses used greeting cards for classroom projects again?

Question: Where can I send an insect I found in my yard for identification? I have never seen this insect before, but it looks like the beetle that they were talking about a few weeks ago.

QUESTION: A Honolulu Star-Advertiser story reported that a potential buyer called police to learn whether a vehicle was stolen. Do police actually offer this service? With Craigslist so popular nowadays, it would be helpful to get any information about a car before purchase.

QUESTION: Why have the highway lights been dark at the Pali Highway exit from the H-1 freeway westbound? Also, the lights at both the entrance and exit of Honolulu Airport are out. Both areas have been dark for nearly a year.

Question: Now that the city no longer has a contractor dealing with complaints about nuisance roosters and feral chickens, what can we do about wild chickens coming into our yard? How does one get rid of chickens that have become a nuisance at our beach house?

Question: Mahalo to the owner of the building at Wai­alae and Koko Head avenues for promptly painting over graffiti that’s marred the top of the building many times over the years.

Question: We were anchored at the Kaneohe sandbar and saw feces floating in the water. Who can I report this to? I have noticed more tour boats at the sandbar. Are they inspected to make sure they are using holding tanks? There were only two other private boats besides ours. It was pretty disgusting to see poop floating by not once, but six times.

Question: While eating at Ala Moana's Makai Food Court, my family and I watched several people walk in with their dogs. These dogs were not outfitted with any type of service dog jacket. While one couple talked and laughed, their small dog licked the top and sides of the table.

QUESTION: I was driving on Ala Oli Street into Foster Village and came to the roundabout at Haloa Drive. My car had entered the roundabout when an imposing Lincoln Navigator approached.

Question: About 6:30 p.m. one day, a man came to my door saying he was from the Census Bureau collecting information about how many people lived in the house, their age, race and health. He showed me his badge, but I did not look at it long because the porch was dark. I told him I was not interested and also told him someone had come before. Is this legitimate?

Question: Could you clarify the state Department of Education's policy on smoking on public school campuses? I was at Aliiolani Elementary School attending a craft fair and noticed a few people smoking electronic cigarettes on campus.

Question: When will they complete the roadwork on Wai­alae Avenue? It seems like they tear it up more than they repair it, and now it's like driving across a lava field complete with skylights (potholes) that swallow your wheels and throw your car out of alignment — and worse.

Question: I live in the Salt Lake area, and many homes are leaving Christmas trees for bulky pickup. I cut my tree up and put it in the green recycling container. I guess people don’t know that sending it to the landfill is wrong. Since we live on an island, why send it there when we can recycle it?

QUESTION: There is a vacant lot at the corner of Wai­alae and Kapa­hulu avenues, with an abandoned building, graffiti, overgrown weeds, etc. There is a "No Trespassing" sign on the fence from the state Department of Transportation.

Question: During the last year we have been receiving our mail delivery around 5 p.m. As it got closer to the Christmas season, we have been getting our mail around 6 p.m. when it is dark and I can understand that situation.

Question: I’ve just come back from vacation and can’t find any traffic cameras working on the west side. When will the original 46 cameras, or the other cameras that are down, be restored?

Question: Several months ago the state placed rumble strips east and west of Makaha Beach to slow traffic. These strips are not the dome type, but lane-wide strips — 60 strips eastbound and 60 westbound. Basically it's no different from having to drive over 120 potholes daily. While I understand the need to slow traffic, why were these strips chosen?

QUESTION: What is the penalty for graffiti? Is there any kind of police record that shows the types of graffiti? Do they have to catch the person in the act?

QUESTION: After a couple of years of not going to the beach, I decided to take a friend visiting from Cali­for­nia to Sans Souci Beach Park, between the New Otani Kai­mana Beach Hotel and the Wai­kiki Natatorium.

QUESTION: I flew on a direct flight between Honolulu and San Jose, Calif., on Hawaiian Airlines in September. I am trying to make reservations again for the same direct flight, but trips are unavailable.

QUESTION: I saw a car with the ">" symbol in its license plate. I checked on the city's website for ordering special license plates -- www4.honolulu.gov/specialplates -- which says ">" is not a valid character.

Question: As part of the Ala Moana beautification project, all electrical and telephone lines and TV cables are supposed to go underground from Kalakaua Avenue to Fort Street. All above-ground systems were to be removed and "new attractive street light fixtures" put in from Ala Wai Bridge to Fort Street.

Question: There is a bad animal manure smell around the Wahiawa Police Station/driver’s licensing station. On days with Kona winds, the smell is overpowering. I'm sure other people must breathe this stink air, too. Can you please ask the Health Department to check on the air quality in this area? I think the smell is from a pig or chicken farm.

Question: I have noticed a small and neglected-looking cemetery on Wai­alae Avenue, Ewa of the Zippy’s parking lot across from Kahala Mall. There are often flowers on some of the headstones, so it appears that people still visit the graves of loved ones.

QUESTION: Can something be done about the big beige boxes that Hawaiian Telcom is installing on phone poles all over Manoa? There's one on East Manoa Road, makai-bound before the triangle park; at Halelena Place and Oahu Avenue; and at Manoa Road, near Manoa School.

Question: My husband recently started working nights so has been parking on the street during the day. Our mail carrier left a note on his windshield that said on-street parking is prohibited within 30 feet of a curbside mailbox.

Question: There are several large signs on Pali Highway as you're headed toward the tunnels, Kailua-bound. They say something to the effect that trucks and buses are to use the center lane between 5 a.m. and noon. What problem are highway engineers trying to solve with that restriction?

Question: I recently was in my car at the intersection of Kaneohe Bay Drive and Kame­ha­meha Highway near the Windward City Shopping Center, waiting at the stoplight for my turn to proceed. Many other drivers also were waiting their turns.

Question: From Haleiwa to Pupukea, three bus shelters were knocked down in different car accidents six to seven months ago, and none has been replaced. There are no benches and no overhead shelter to protect people from the sun.

QUESTION: We are residents of Windward Harbour in Kailua. The Kawainui Canal runs alongside our complex, alongside Times Coffee Shop, and, if I'm not mistaken, continues all the way down to Marine Corps Base Hawaii.

Question: In my Mililani neighborhood, many of the homeowners have removed the trees planted by the city in front of their houses and replaced them with trees of their own, such as palm trees.

Question: I visit several different public libraries during the week after work and have noticed many tables with pairs of adults and young children, some are families doing homework and some are not.

Question: To the person complaining about the slow sixsome at West Loch Golf Course in the Oct. 24 “Kokua Line” (see is.gd/7LbGw5): You should be mad at municipal golf course management for allowing five/sixsomes to play.

QUESTION: What is the significance of the stone with a fence around it at Mother Waldron Park in Kakaako? It is at the mauka-Diamond Head corner of the park. There are "kapu" plaques on the top surface of the walls. There are no other signs to identify the memorial.

Question: Yikes! Our lawn is being overtaken by this stuff. Do you know what it is and how to get rid of it? I walk every evening and see it all around in Ocean Pointe lawns.

Question: Who is responsible for maintaining Makiki Cemetery at Pensacola Street and Wilder Avenue? Why is it not even minimally cared for? I recently visited two family graves. It has always been a difficult walk through long and narrow aisles between rows of graves on a hillside.

Question: There are multiple lines all over the H-1 freeway, heading in both directions between Kahala and the Kapiolani Boulevard exit. It is so confusing, even to this longtime resident, because one doesn't know where the lane markers are. What gives? I feel sorry for any tourist trying to find a way to Waikiki.

Question: Why do firetrucks always respond with sirens? Police cars zoom up Wilhelmina Rise without sirens, and they go much faster than firetrucks. I don't believe a firetruck can exceed 25 mph going up the hill. Who determines the response criterion?

QUESTION: Now that civil unions has been approved and same-sex marriage is on its way to being approved, is the reciprocal benefits law still alive and well? We signed up for it some time ago, but very little information regarding just what it covers is available.

QUESTION: My complaint is about why our ambulance sirens are so loud. I think sirens on the mainland or Europe or Asia intermittently go "beep-beep-beep," which is less painful on our ears than the constant blare that is irritating, painful and annoying.

Question: I know they had football games probably Friday and Saturday nights, but why are the lights at Aloha Stadium still on, all day from Saturday night, Sunday day and night, Monday day and night. And they’re still on Tuesday morning. Where is our tax money going? I think it’s very careless that they leave their lights on.

Question: I recently renewed my safety check on my van and was told that all stickers and decals on the front and rear windshields, excluding military stickers but including parking passes, are illegal and must be removed in order to receive my safety check. What are the rules regarding this? Is it the same for cars, trucks and vans?

QUESTION: It has become quite common for our gray, blue and green bins to get picked up days late, and sometimes not at all, in the Diamond Head area. Who can we contact or notify? ANSWER: Call your district base-yard number before 2 p.m.

Should gubernatorial candidate Sen. David Ige be allowed to speak about the Democratic Party’s platform progress at its convention?
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