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Mid-Pacific Institute: A culture of caring, collaboration, and innovation

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Mid-Pacific Institute

Mid-Pacific Institute

At Mid-Pacific, we believe students must be knowledgeable, articulate and culturally competent to make a difference in the world today and in the future. We develop these skills through authentic, relevant and intentional experiences in and out of school and provide students with the tools to become expert communicators and storytellers – students who are confident in themselves and their place in the world, with deep ties to their local and global communities.

A culture of caring

At Mid-Pacific, students thrive. They learn together with others in a caring community where students and teachers celebrate individuality and honor the contributions of every member of the team. Mid-Pacific is a culture of caring and inclusion. The student-teacher ratio is 18 to 1 with an average class size of 20, allowing for lots of personalized attention and support.

With over 40 student clubs from photography to speed-cubing, and more than 100 athletic teams, students find their niche and community with classmates who share similar interests. More than 70% of Mid-Pacific students grades 7-12 participate in an athletics program that boasts state and ILH championships in baseball, sporter air-riflery and more, as well as provides opportunities for students to try athletic teams for the first time.

An environment that fosters growth

At Mid-Pacific, we believe in deeper learning. Learning that makes a difference in our community.

Students are encouraged to seek out new experiences and find meaning in their work and the work of others. They are challenged to solve problems with classmates who ask relevant questions and together they collaborate, working side-by-side with teachers who encourage critical thinking and knowledge applied to real-world contexts. Learning is relevant, authentic, and student-driven. We emphasize critical and applied thinking and value the process of learning so students graduate with the ability to problem-solve in a variety of contexts and develop the skills necessary for success in the world of tomorrow.

Inquiry and project-based learning is at the core of the learning process, where students are challenged to come up with their own essential questions, conduct their own research, hypothesize and determine solutions that impact their community.

Where change-makers are born

At Mid-Pacific, we understand the importance of social-emotional learning in the development of informed and engaged adults who contribute to their communities and form positive relationships with others. Working hand-in-hand with academic excellence, social-emotional learning is a primary component in a student’s journey from preschool and elementary through middle and high school at Mid-Pacific. Third and fourth graders act as peer mediators and elementary school students attend weekly character education workshops. Middle and high school teachers employ research-based empathy studies under the guidance of expert faculty researchers at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Social-emotional learning is part of Mid-Pacific’s DNA and allows for the development of the whole person, students who grow to become fully actualized change-makers.

The educational leader

Mid-Pacific Institute is a recognized education leader in Hawaiʻi with a reputation for creativity, innovation, and proven learning outcomes. Our graduates attend the most prestigious colleges and universities in the world including Princeton University, Stanford University, California Institute of Technology, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Johns Hopkins University, The Juilliard School and more.

In 2018-2019, 100% of Mid-Pacific students passed their International Baccalaureate (IB) exams, surpassing the national average pass rate of 77%. Mid-Pacific was the first school in Hawaiʻi to offer the academically rigorous IB Diploma Programme where students may receive up to one full-year of college credit upon graduation. Students may also take individual IB courses as well as Advanced Placement (AP) classes. Nearly 60% of Mid-Pacific students take one or more IB course as part of their high school experience.

Mid-Pacific is the recognized partner of Research Schools International led by faculty researchers at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Mid-Pacific teacher fellows work together with Harvard University faculty to employ the latest teaching research in Mid-Pacific classrooms and embark on their own action research on self-generated topics of interest including motivation, growth mindset, mindfulness, and empathy all in the service of improving student learning outcomes.

The Mid-Pacific Learner Profile

We strive to develop students who:

Maintain a positive mindset and belief in the value of persistence in learning

Self-assess and monitor their own progress and understanding, and communicate the quality of their learning to others

Visited local farms, connected with other women in ag and the community, and learned about healthy lifestyles from experts in food and nutrition.

Build social-emotional awareness and empathy in an increasingly interconnected world

Nurture, sustain, and steward the environment and community in which they live

Apply creativity and imagination to problem solving

Collaborate with and positively impact global peers

Communicate effectively using multiple mediums – spoken, written, artistic, and digital

Embrace appropriate risks and opportunities to help solve novel problems

Collect and analyze data from different disciplines to apply new solutions

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