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Rid your home of termites the natural way

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By Kelli Shiroma

Akamai Pest Solutions, a family-owned and operated business, is known for its high- tech, effective termite treatment. The full-service termite company has been serving Hawaii since 2003, and their specialty is using non-tenting organic treatments for drywood termites.

According to Ronda Galimba, the Oahu branch manager and Akamai’s regional administrative manager, this sets their business apart from others.

“We’re the Orange Oil pioneers — we brought XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus® to Hawaii in 2005, years before any other company here in Hawaii,” she explains. “We only use XT2000 Orange Oil Plus® for treatment of drywood termites — which means we are also experts when it comes to doing X2000 treatments. Akamai never has, and never will, sell or do fumigation treatments.”

According to Galimba, XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus® features an orange oil treatment process. She explains that this process is more customer-friendly and safer than the fumigation process.

“We only use three types of chemicals — XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus® for drywood termites, Termidor for subterranean termites and Timbor for our preventative treatments,” she says. “Because we use few chemicals, we know how to best use these chemicals in your home. You don’t have to worry about misuse — that we’ll put too much or not enough. You can always be right there in your home while we do all treatments and be perfectly safe, along with your entire ohana.”

“We have done treatments on nursing homes, doctors’ of offices and even homes with people who just had organ transplants, and there were no adverse effects at all,” Galimba adds.

Galimba explains that XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus® is a plant-based solution comprising orange peels that is 95 percent pure orange oil. The oil is formulated as a highly effective, yet non-toxic, treatment for drywood termites. When injected into termite-infested wood, XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus® wicks into the wood, killing the drywood termites and their eggs upon contact.

Because Akamai Pest Solutions has been using this organic treatment process for more than a decade, Galimba says the company can showcase their expertise.

“Some of the other companies trying to do XT-2000 treatments have found that this is a laborious and technical treatment,” she says. “It requires a lot of specific training to be able to not only do the treatment correctly, but also to start with a thorough and accurate inspection. That’s why you may hear some companies badmouth XT-2000 treatments — they don’t want to take the time to learn the correct methods. It’s much easier to just throw a tent on it.”

“On the other hand, many of our technicians have thousands of XT-2000 Orange Oil treatments under their belts,” Galimba states. “Because of the amount of termite activity that we have in Hawaii, my crews have more experience than anybody else in the Orange Oil industry. No one else has the training, experience, knowledge, technology or equipment to do the job as well as Akamai Pest Solutions,” Galimba continues.

Most recently, Akamai had their annual certification and extensive training with Termatrac, a radar- and infrared-technology termite detector.

“Termatrac can see into walls and through countertops to detect motion in the wood,” Galimba says. “No other technology can do this. We had 17 of our Oahu employees present for the training to sharpen our skills with the daily use of this technology.”

Galimba clarifies that everything Akamai uses is to combat termites only — not pest control treatments, bedbugs or rodents.

“We only do termites — that’s how we can become so good at what we do,” Galimba summarizes. “We only concentrate on doing one thing and we do that better than anyone else. Be smart, think green, treat Orange and call Team Akamai!”

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