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Top 5 most common questions about long-term care

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Hale Ho Aloha Longterm Care

Hale Ho Aloha Longterm Care

1. What is long-term care?
Long-term care refers to health, social, and residential care services provided to people experiencing cognitive and physical challenges due to their chronic health condition over an extended period of time. Long-term care can be provided in various settings and can accommodate different levels of care.

2. How do I know to consider long term care?
Many people start to consider this option when they start to care for an aging family member at home. Family members work together to provide 24-hour care for all types of everyday care tasks. Over time, many find this task to become overwhelming and experience what is called “caregiver burnout.” Loved ones who need 24-hour assistance and care for all aspects of daily living would be ideal candidates for long-term care. Facilities and staff are equipped and trained to provide these services.

3. What are my options for long-term care?

Nursing Facility/Home

  • Intermediate Care Facility (ICF)
  • Provides 24-hour nursing care (Licensed nurses and certified nurse assistants) and assistance with activities of daily living (bathing, toileting, feeding, medications, etc.). Accommodations can range from a single-person private room to shared rooms. In general, private rooms are more costly than shared rooms. Resident care is supervised by a multi-disciplinary team including Physician, Social Worker, Nursing, Dietician, and Activities Coordinator.
  • Skilled Nursing Facility
  • Provides the same nursing care and assistance with activities of daily living as an intermediate care facility but requires additional specialized care (IV antibiotics, ventilator, rehab, etc.). A stay in a skilled nursing facility is usually preceded by a hospitalization.

Community Care Foster Homes

  • Community Care Foster Homes can provide a level of care similar to intermediate and skilled nursing facilities in a smaller home-based setting. These homes are monitored and licensed by the Hawaii State Department of Health. Residents in this setting are also required to be managed by a state-licensed Case Management Agency to help coordinate health care requirements.

Licensed Adult Residential Care Home

  • Adult Residential Care Home (ARCH) / Expanded Care Homes (EXP) provide varying levels of resident care and can vary in size. These settings can range from neighborhood homes to larger multi-level facilities. These facilities provide 24-hour accommodations to individuals requiring assistance with activities of daily living (walking, dressing, eating, etc.)

4. Does Medicare pay for long-term care?
Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover the cost for long-term care. A stay in a skilled nursing facility may be eligible for coverage by Medicare Part A but usually only a short length of time and condition meets the criteria following hospitalization.

5. What is the cost for long-term care and how can we afford it?
The costs for long-term care can vary depending on the type of setting and type of care required. General monthly costs for long-term care can range from $11,000 to $14,000. Prices can vary depending on the level of assistance required, types of nursing care required, and living locales. Paying for these costs can be a scary thought and unfortunately, Medicare does not cover the room and board costs for long-term care. Most long-term care facilities have a private pay rate based on a per-day fee. Long term care insurance can also be another payment source to help cover these expenses. Insurance benefits can vary based on the policy terms, therefore contact your insurance company to determine your benefits. Medicaid is another option for assistance in covering the long-term care costs. Eligibility for a Medicaid program is dependent on an individual’s income and assets. Additional information for Medicaid can be found at

Hale Ho Aloha Longterm Care

Hale Ho Aloha is a private, licensed intermediate and skilled nursing facility providing care to Oahu for over 50 years. Conveniently located on Pacific Heights with views overlooking Pauoa Valley, Punchbowl, and Downtown Honolulu. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality care in a home-style environment with local-style meals. Various accommodations are available including private, shared two, and three-person rooms.

Caregiver burnout or traveling but need someone to care for a loved one? Respite care is an option! Short-term respite care is available to allow caregivers a much-needed break and peace of mind knowing their loved one will be taken care of.

End-of-life care can be an emotional process for families. Hale Ho Aloha partners with various hospice agencies to assist in providing comforting, end-of-life care. For additional information or to schedule a virtual tour, please contact our Admissions Assistant at (808) 524-1955 ext. 112 or visit our website:

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