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5 tips to perfect your grilling skills this summer

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Summer is here and once again, King’s Hawaiian is celebrating the Summer of the Block Party with their Hamburger and Hot Dog Buns and delicious BBQ Sauces! The first step to an AWESOME Block Party, you ask? Making sure you’re grilling game is on par with those buns and bbq sauces you’ll be serving.

It’s time to grab the tongs, the apron and the food because it is officially grilling season. You’ve waited months to reclaim your rightful position behind the grill, and it’s finally time to achieve your goal of making this your best grill season yet.

Now, you need a game plan. To take your place as the rightful master of the grill this year, consider following these five barbecuing tips.

Keep it clean. It may be the least glamourous part of your grilling experience, but keeping your grill clean is essential to delivering a quality product. A stiff wire brush is just the ticket along with plenty of oil once you’re done. Then, turn up the heat and enjoy preparing your meal on a clean, hot surface.

Direct and indirect grilling. Many summer chefs aren’t familiar with these terms, but mastering direct and indirect grilling is a great way to bolster your cooking skills. Direct grilling cooks the food directly over the heat source and is perfect for smaller, thinner pieces of food. Indirect grilling cooks the food near the heat source — but not directly over it. This is good for larger, thicker items.

Don’t fill the grill. A loaded grill is a mouth-watering site but it jeopardizes the end result. Keep your grill at least 30 percent free so you have space to move food when the eventual flare up occurs.

Use the right tools. When it comes to rotating food, a reliable set of tongs beats a barbecue fork any day. Puncturing meat allows juices to escape prematurely, so don’t stab your food with a fork and never press burgers with a spatula.

Sit before you serve. For the best flavor, let your newly cooked meat sit for about 10 minutes before serving. The meat will be juicer and everyone will enjoy the meal a little bit more.

Get your friends, family and neighbors together to celebrate Summer!

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