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6 things to know about gout this Gout Awareness Day

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Alliance for Gout Awareness

Alliance for Gout Awareness

For many people, gout hits close to home. With more than 9 million Americans impacted, most of us know someone living with this painful disease – a spouse, a co-worker, or even you. But how can we better manage the disease? Learn more below and by joining the Alliance for Gout Awareness for a virtual patient forum on June 5, at 11am HT.

1) Gout is a form of arthritis that leads to sudden, intense pain and swollen joints that may become red and hot. More than 50% of gout attacks start in the big toe, but gout can occur in any joint. The knees, ankles, feet and fingers are also common sites. The condition is caused by a buildup of uric acid, a naturally occurring waste product in the body.

2) Gout is more than just the attack. Untreated, gout can lead to other serious health concerns like joint damage, kidney disease, cardiovascular risk or stroke. That’s why it’s critical to take gout seriously.

3) It’s important to visit a health care provider. Gout is very treatable. If you think you may have gout, consult with a doctor, who can provide medication options and recommend any lifestyle changes to help you manage the disease successfully. Proper treatment can help reduce excruciating attacks and can prevent long-term joint damage.

4) Gout education matters. Aside from a medical professional, trusted organizations like the Alliance for Gout Awareness can provide useful, actionable information. Understand what gout is, and then tell others.

5) A support network is a must. Gout patients often feel embarrassed and stigmatized, leading to silent suffering. Fight the stigma by supporting those in your life with gout. And if you’re a gout patient, speak up! A support network can help you manage this condition successfully.

6) You can learn more on June 5. Join the Alliance for Gout Awareness and local partners on Saturday June 5 at 11:00am HST for a free webinar on living with and managing gout. Hear from local rheumatologist Dr. Barry Shibuya as well as patient advocate Gary Ho on topics including gout management, treatment options, and common myths and questions. REGISTER

About the Alliance for Gout Awareness
The Alliance for Gout Awareness is a non-profit organization that works to reduce stigma and empower patients by improving public understanding of gout. Members collaborate on educational materials and support resources. By heightening public awareness and addressing common misconceptions, the Alliance for Gout Awareness emboldens patients to acknowledge the disease’s impact and to seek the treatment they need. The AGA, alongside other advocates, recognizes Gout Awareness Day each year on May 22 to raise awareness and support those living with gout.

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