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Advantages of corporate rentals in Hawaii

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At Home Hawaii

At Home Hawaii

Savvy businesses doing their travel homework often find surprising gems in Hawaii’s short-term housing market that can be more convenient and less expensive than using traditional hotel rooms.

“Waikiki has gotten so expensive that it’s pricing out the short-term business travelers, especially those who come over to Hawaii for several months at a time,” said Keana O’Connor, who has worked in the real estate industry for 10 years.

The average room rate in Waikiki is about $250-$350 and there can be extra fees tacked on for parking and wifi. Most people think renting a furnished house will be significantly more expensive and that is true, if you want to stay on a sandy beach. However, there are also very nice, reasonably priced, furnished homes that are available on a month-to-month basis that offer a great value.

Private homes almost always offer free high-speed wifi, free parking, a washer/dryer and a kitchen that makes preparing meals at “home” a viable option. Guests may also have the use of a grill or pool without competing with other guests for the same amenities.

Let’s take a closer look at an example of a corporate rental offering a great value: Na Pua Lani, a charming property that consists of three separate homes in Kaimuki. Na Pua Lani, “The Heavenly Flowers”, is just five minutes away from Waikiki, but in a quiet neighborhood. The three houses are named: Hibiscus, Plumeria, and Pikake. Hibiscus is a beautifully redone, historic home with five bedrooms and a large pool. Currently, this home rents for $10,500 a month, which comes out to only $350 a night, for all five bedrooms.

Nick Portrey works for California-based M Bar C Construction, and spends nine months out of the year living out of hotels, traveling for work. “We had three vehicles,” Portrey said of his most recent stay at Na Pua Lani. “I feel that parking should be included in the room fee, so it was great to stay in a home that had plenty of parking.” Portrey and his team of nine people work six days a week, so staying in a home with a reliable washer and dryer, a kitchen, and a grill by the pool was perfect for them.

The M Bar C Construction group was so satisfied with their experience they decided to look for a similar setup in Boston, their next work location. “It worked out so well that it set a precedent for the next out-of-town job,” he said.

If a group is larger or smaller, reservations can be made for more than one house or reservations could be made for one of the two smaller homes. The Plumeria is a four bedroom, two bath home and the Pikake is a two bedroom, one bath cottage. These rent for $7,500 and $4,500 per month or just $150-$250 per night.

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