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Call on a Professional for Real Estate Needs

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Those looking to buy or sell their personal piece of paradise are reminded that the process doesn’t not need to be stressful, especially when one relies on an expert agent who is standing by to facilitate an array of real estate transactions.

When working within and gauging the ultra-competitive Hawaii real estate market, there’s no better resource than an experienced, knowledgeable realtor associate like Sean Sonoda of Keller Williams Honolulu, who has worked in the field for more than 11 years. Born and raised on Oahu, Sean has hands-on knowledge of homes in every region of the island, and also possesses insight into neighbor island properties. His family-oriented ohana approach to doing business leads to Sean treating each client like a member of the family, while employing the aloha spirit as clients embark on the “purchase of a lifetime” in buying property.


Sean is well-versed in assisting those in the market looking to buy and sell properties quickly as a way to build value via investment, a process commonly known as flipping. Buying fixer-upper properties and investment homes involves a series of crucial steps and contractual agreements that Sean and his skilled team can facilitate and execute.

For instance, Sean works with a particular contractor in his network that will fix and upgrade a property and take payment on the “back end” once the home is sold, therefore allowing a property owner to build and recoup added value when selling the home without fronting the money as is usually the case. These and other strategies allow Sean to set up clients for success, and get the most value possible out of each real estate transaction.

“I can help you assess how much your home is worth, and the potential value and return-on-investment that can be gained throughout the process of selling it,” says Sean, who serves as a one stop shop for both buyers and sellers. “I work with everyone from first-time home buyers to those who have become very familiar with the local real estate landscape, and I continue to build my team to help people.”


Sean explains that the Hawaii home market is regarded as having low inventory available due to limited land on which to build new homes, but reminds those in the market that the listing history for local homes has and continues to fluctuate on a rising scale. Interest rates went down to an all-time low of 3.5 percent last year, but that rate is beginning to climb, and the market will adjusted accordingly.

“It’s a unique market that benefits both buyers and sellers,” Sean says. “You can make a lot more money and gain value by fixing up a property, whether you’re doing a full remodel or addressing cosmetic issues like upgrading paint and fixtures, and my team can assist homeowners with that process. For instance, if your home is valued at $700,000, and you put in $30,000 worth of renovations to increase the value to $750,000, that’s an extra $20,000 for the seller.”


Sean and his team are continually monitoring the housing market and keeping up with industry trends to help create the best approach for clients interested in buying and selling homes. Current and previous clients can attest to Sean’s passion and dedication to as well as thorough communication throughout the real estate process. He has been nominated multiple times for The Aloha Aina Realtor Award, a recognition that honors and publically recognizes realtors who excel in the profession and provide exceptional service to their clients and colleagues.

For more information, and to set up an assessment, contact Sean at (808)551-1274, or via

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