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Chinatown eatery offers escape

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Little Village Noodle House

Little Village Noodle House
Volcano Pork Chop ($14.50). File photo

By: Elima Pangorang

A stroll into Little Village Noodle House makes for a nice getaway from the bustle of Chinatown with the restaurant’s simple, easy -going setup. Pair that with the aroma of freshly cooked food and it’s all the feelings and comfort of being in a quaint, little village.

This eatery treats customers to feel-good Chinese fare, with a touch of flavorful flair.

Portobello Mushroom Snow Pea Stir Fry ($13.95) is a great place to start for everyone at the table. The snow peas with minced garlic offer a refreshing crisp while the mushrooms, oil and hint of gravy balance it all out.

This also is a good spot for seafood cravings with dishes such as Little Village’s Garlic Butter Kauai Steamed Prawns ($17.95). This mouthwatering dish is served over a bed of look funn noodles.

Whether diners are looking for a quick bite or a nice sit-down meal, Little Village Noodle House provides all the Chinese fixings for those who explore this village.

The Hottest Dish on the Menu

Little Village Noodle House’s Volcano Pork Chop ($14.50) sets an instant spark — literally — to diners’ appetites and palates. The crisp and tender pork dish is tossed in roasted garlic, chili and five spice, and wrapped in foil. The dish is brought out to the table and set on fire for an exciting light show, conjuring up a lot of oo’s and aah’s. General manager and president of Little Village, David Chang, says it’s “a great dish to impress family and friends.”

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