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Chiropractor brothers offer cutting-edge pain relief

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Chiropractor Brothers Offer Cutting-edge Pain Relief

For those suffering from chronic pain, even the most routine tasks can cause fatigue and discomfort. This kind of pain goes beyond the physical to affect mental and emotional well being. Unfortunately, many grow to accept it as an inevitable part of their lives.

“They may not think there’s anything they can do about it,” says Dr. Aaries Oda, DC, a chiropractor at Oda Ohana Chiropractic and Therapeutic Massage. “But there are treatments available that can help.”

“The only way you can make a change in your health and improve the way you feel is to come and experience the most advanced forms of care,” adds Dr. Aaries Oda’s, DC brother Dr. Paris Oda, DC, who also is a chiropractor at Oda Ohana.

In addition to traditional massage and chiropractic adjustments, Oda Ohana offers laser therapy. This deep-tissue laser therapy penetrates a patient’s tissue with photons, which energize cells and result in increased circulation to the injured area and ultimately pain relief.

While the treatment is not covered by health insurance, laser therapy is approved by the Federal Drug Administration.

Dr. Aaries Oda, DC assures that the treatment also is painless. The patient will feel a warm, soothing sensation where the laser is administered. The duration of the sessions depends on the type of injury or pain being treated.

The laser procedure is administered either by holding the hand-piece above the targeted area — say the patient’s back if the patient is being treated for a herniated disk, or the patient’s knee if the patient is being treated for bone-on-bone arthritis — or by pressing the hand-piece directly against the targeted area.

Dr. Aaries Oda, DC says he has used it to treat patients with sports-related injuries, and that it is popular among his older patients who are suffering from chronic arthritis.

Laser therapy treatments also can be used to treat post-surgery pain or even as an alternative to surgery that is less invasive and offers a quicker recovery, he adds.

“You want to try the least invasive procedure first,” Dr. Aaries Oda, DC says. “In some cases, patients may find they don’t need the surgery.”

Offering the laser therapy is in line with the Odas’ desire to give patients a safe and painless alternative to traditional medication and to offer less-invasive medical procedures. This more holistic approach can be seen even in the company’s non-laser services, such as therapeutic massage and spinal alignments.

The laser therapy treatment “has helped thousands of people essentially live and move with a lot less pain and enjoy their life again,” shares Dr. Paris Oda, DC.

When it comes to Oda Ohana’s massage services, the layperson may view massage as a relaxing, spa-like experience. The Odas, however, believe that it goes beyond that by rehabilitating muscles and speeding up the recovery process. Their patients are treated by licensed massage therapists who specialize in shiatsu and lomi lomi massage techniques.

As for the company’s chiropractic services, they extend beyond adjustments to include specialized sciatica-treatment exercises and other targeted treatments.

Oda Ohana is a local, family-owned business. Both Dr. Aaries Oda, DC and Dr. Paris Oda, DC are graduates of Palmer College of Chiropractics in San Jose, Calif. and hold Doctor of Chiropractic degrees. They have a combined 18 years of experience in the chiropractic fi eld and place an emphasis on ensuring their patients have comfortable and positive experiences.

The brothers were inspired to pursue careers in chiropractic care by their life experiences. Dr. Aaries Oda, DC explains that as a child, he suffered from asthma and severe allergies. He tried medication and even considered surgery to drain his ear fluid, but it wasn’t until he went to a chiropractor and adjusted his diet that his symptoms started to abate. Meanwhile Dr. Paris Oda, DC discovered the benefits of chiropractics when it helped him relieve the pain of sports-related injuries. The brothers played football, soccer, basketball and hockey, among other sports, when they were children.

“The most rewarding part of (our) job is the difference we make in people’s lives,” Dr. Paris Oda, DC declares. “Keeping people moving without pain inhibiting their lives.”

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