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Dream homes come true with ‘Atlas’

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Atlas Construction

Atlas Construction

By Lianna McCurdy

A home is a place of refuge, a place where one brings together family and friends, and creates a life filled with beautiful memories. When looking to build or renovate a home, Atlas Construction, a full service Design Build Contractor, knows families need the help of a contracting business built on solid values. That’s why, for nearly 13 years, Atlas has worked as a family-run, industry-leading homebuilding company on the island of Oahu. Ranking first place for six years in a row as a “Hawaii’s Best” contractor in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser’s People’s Choice Awards, the quality and dedication of Atlas’ business is profoundly apparent.

The construction agency provides homeowners with building services from new home construction to home remodels, and everything in between. Utilizing top-notch products and services, it is Atlas’ goal to provide customers with a finalized home project that fits their needs to a T.

The company’s step-by-step process helps customers understand exactly what it takes to complete their dream home or renovation. From budgeting to design consultations or drafting, Atlas attends to their clients’ needs every step of the building journey. When asked about an essential part of the company’s process, project coordinator of Atlas, Joshua Vasconcellos, advised budgeting couldn’t be missed.

“If people don’t have a budget in place, when they get into the design portion, whether building a new house or doing a larger addition, they tend to go aimlessly through a design process,” he says. “When they do that, by the time they’re ending the design process, they could be designing something more than they can afford.”

Understanding the scope of products available when building or renovating a home is a must for clients. Whether one is looking to remodel parts of a home or incorporate green products into a build for extra eco-friendliness, a budget is necessary to ensure the project runs smoothly. Often times, eager clients approach a project with big ideas, like wishing to incorporate a wide variety of green products into their design. “One thing about building green, currently in the market, is it’s very expensive,” shares Vasconcellos about eco-products.

However, Atlas completes all of its projects to green standards and code requirements. It’s up to the client (and their budget) to complete their projects with products apart from the standard. If one is interested in special products, for example solar panels, Atlas can help. The company has a broad list of contacts and is able to bring in a specialist for homeowners looking to take extra steps in their building project. Vasconcellos assures, “We always stay on top of new products and services. Our company is built on customer service, as far as being able to help our families and making sure we deliver a quality project at the end.”

To further provide exemplary service, Atlas uses Buildertrend, a cloud-based project management system. When using this modern system, not only do employees have the ability to quickly communicate amongst themselves regarding construction updates, clients also have access to the system. This means clients are able to actively review the progress of their construction project and make decisions about their project, even when Atlas Construction is closed after normal business hours. For instance, the management system keeps clients on track, granting them the flexibility to select counterparts of their project — from countertop materials to light fixtures — and budget the price for each item as their project advances. Atlas’ building process, through this system, is completely transparent and streamlined.

“Although homeowners can stay in communication with us using this software, it’s not the only way we communicate,” notes Vasconcellos. “We still communicate with families using separate emails, phone conversations, and text messages, this system just gives them another opportunity to stay in communication with us.”

Atlas Construction’s relationships with customers are a number one priority. Through outlets like Buildertrend and Atlas Construction’s monthly home building seminar and open house, clients can feel confident when approaching their home project. Once the project is finished, one can happily harmonize with Atlas Construction’s slogan, “Home At Last!”

The Company’s Core Values

Atlas Construction’s aim is to continue being recognized as Hawaii’s best contractor. The company does this by placing the homeowner’s best interest before profit, and by retaining a strong commitment its core values:

• Provide a quality and long-lasting home to clients and to build it as if it were the contractors’ own
• Give incomparable customer service
• Respect a home as if it were the company’s own
• Strive for a five-star review from each and every homeowner
• Create a long-lasting relationship with every homeowner and Atlas colleague
• Demonstrate fairness, honesty & transparency
• Continue the company’s dedication and effort toward current and future improvement
• Perpetuate and educate every employee and associate of Atlas’ core values

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