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Firm offers superb windows, top service

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Windows Hawaii

Windows Hawaii

By Elima Pangorang

Among the greatest perks about living in these beautiful Hawaiian Islands are the spectacular views spanning from the land to the sea and the sky. Pink, orange, violet and other vibrant colors paint the skies at dusk and dawn, while the mountains boast verdant greens and the ocean shimmers a calming blue.

What’s even better is that it doesn’t matter where one lives in the state, everyone gets at least two of these combinations, and with the best of luck, all three. With such majesty gracing the lands of paradise it’d be a real shame to miss out on it — so don’t!

Windows Hawaii is the answer to enjoying every bit of beauty within the comfort of one’s own home. The windows and doors purchased from Windows Hawaii offer clear and pristine views to the outside world, while also providing protection from those outer elements entering the home.

The company’s Ali‘i Extreme line of windows and doors by Anlin Window Systems, which are tailor made for Hawaii’s tropical weather and salty conditions, are superior, tried-and-true products installed by courteous professionals.

These “Extreme” products equate to its name and provide all the aforementioned satisfaction from its ultimate sound and energy efficiency, as well as security. Its 1/8-3/16 glass combination grants extra protection during bad weather, while its triple-strength (3/16) glass functions as an efficient noise reducer both inside and out.

Randall King of Aiea Heights, and a happy customer of Windows Hawaii had his Ali‘i windows installed in June 2018.

“We live in Newtown, quite a bit up the hill so we have a real good view of Pearl Harbor,” explained King. “We wanted to change to large picture windows and our old windows were single pane windows — so it was a nice view, but extremely hot with the sun pouring into the windows.

“When I got the picture window from Windows Hawaii, it was larger and I put sliding. We also got double pane, which cut the heat back majorly, and sound as well. My neighbors can be loud sometimes and their sound is not interfering with us anymore. Our look of the house really improved, too.”

King backs the work and quality of Windows Hawaii’s team and products all the way. He also noted that Windows Hawaii gave them a seamless process than they previously experienced with another window company on the island.

“I did have another contractor come and install. They did okay at first, but there were problems later on. I called many, many times, but they never came to fix it,” divulged King. Soon after he heard of Windows Hawaii on the radio and gave general manager Mario Garcia a call.

“Mario came over and he was patient and informative. He was real professional and the people that installed the windows gave high attention to details that the windows fit correctly. It was a good experience. I also like the design of the Windows Hawaii better,” he said.

Roberta and Reuben Song are a satisfied duo of Windows Hawaii products. Living on St. Louis heights, the pair is happy that the windows allow them enjoy the view they have from the living room.

“They replaced from top to bottom the living room, two walls and the kitchen, three bedrooms and one bathroom, and they did it all in two days. We were amazed,” they explained. “I thought it was going to take a week for them to do it, and they did it in two days. They were neat, they cleaned up every day, there was nothing lying around, they didn’t forget tools and stuff. They vacuumed our house when they were done and put everything back. These guys, they were wonderful.”

The exclusive line’s INFINITe Plus high performance glazing system blocks 95 percent of harmful UV rays, resulting in a cooler home and reduced energy bills, as well as a triple-fin weather strip that blocks air flow and reduces thermal transfer. The product’s unique stainless steel window sash bolt brings it full circle to provide added security against potential intruders.

There also is a True Double Lifetime manufacturer warranty for transportation, installation and product on the windows for as long as you own your home. In addition to that, the warranty is fully transferrable to the next homeowner should you decide to sell your home.

“What we notice now is our A/C system is much more efficient,” concluded the Songs. “With the new windows in, it’s way more energy efficient and the noise from the outside was reduced — our house gets windy because we’re on a hill.

“I would recommend them. I already recommended them to a lot of my friends who are thinking of getting new windows.”

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