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Attorney David Bernstein

Attorney David Bernstein

Attend this FREE webinar to find out what you ought to know about creating an estate plan and why every family should have one – a Will or Living Trust.

Creating an estate plan is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family. Unfortunately, most families don’t have any estate plan in place – or if they do, it’s a simple Will.

If you think you’re protected with a basic Will, think again…

A Will almost guarantees your estate will go through probate, which is costly, time-consuming, and can significantly diminish the value of your estate that your spouse or family will inherit.

Attorney David Bernstein

Even if you already have a Will or Trust, you may want this refresher to make sure yours is up to date.

Attorney David Bernstein is a renowned speaker on estate planning. He has prepared thousands of estate plans for Hawaii residents – this webinar is highly informative and will be well worth your time.

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