Get quality windows designed for the Islands
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Get quality windows designed for the Islands

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Windows Hawaii

By Elima Pangorang

Performing renovations on a home, be it a major job or a smaller project, can be an daunting process overall. With so many companies to choose from, and even more promises from each of them, it is easy to get lost in all of the fuss.

When the time comes for new windows during your renovation project, skip the empty promises and go for proven quality with Windows Hawaii. Just as its name suggests, the company’s products have been specially and specifically designed for Hawaii’s tropical climate and unique weather conditions, such as the Alii Extreme line of windows and doors by Anlin Systems.

This exclusive line comes after rigorous and intricate research spanning 10 years, and Windows Hawaii is your one and only shop to get ahold of these products in the state.

Windows Hawaii

For those who have been in the state long enough, residents and visitors alike know the agony of dealing with unique conditions such as vog. As long as the south winds are blowing, those across the Islands cope with several issues from personal health to window damage.

Windows Hawaii customer Nani Bacon shared the difference Windows Hawaii products made on her home which all rooted from Hawaii’s vog. “I was looking for somebody to fix my windows because the sulfur from the volcano messed up my acrylic windows,” she explained. “I couldn’t open my windows.”

When she called the company, general manager Mario Garcia showed up to her house with samples on hand and ready to go. Not only does she now have new, functional windows, she also backs their superior quality.

“My home is cooler, the noise is less and it went to the point where when they installed my windows in the living room area, I didn’t want to have the curtains put back up, because it was cool enough with just the (Windows Hawaii) windows,” Bacon said. “I love my windows.”

Windows Hawaii

Alii Extreme grants homeowners with security, sound efficiency and energy efficiency. Its 1/8-3/16 glass combination provides extra protection during bad weather, while its triple-strength (3/16) glass functions as an efficient noise reducer both inside and out.

The line’s INFINITe Plus high performance glazing system blocks 95 percent of harmful UV rays, resulting in a cooler home and reduced energy bills, as well as a triple-fin weather strip that blocks air flow and reduces thermal transfer. The product’s unique stainless steel window sash bolt brings it full circle to provide added security against potential intruders. There also is a lifetime installation and product warranty on the windows for as long as you own your home.

As an added bonus, Garcia recommends to be on alert for other specials and discounts throughout the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, as well as on radio and television commercials.

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