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Go natural to get rid of your home’s pests

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Akamai Pest Solutions

Akamai Pest Solutions

By Elima Pangorang

Akamai Pest Solutions is the “smartest” move residents can make when it comes to eliminating termites from a home or building. With the company’s innovative products, customers can rest assured that they are finding a solution that is health-smart as well as economically and environmentally smart.

Unlike other pest-control companies that release toxic gases throughout the home, Akamai Pest Solutions is Hawaii’s pioneer in offering health-friendlier ways to rid homes of drywood termites, using XT2000 Orange Oil Plus, and subterranean termites, using Termidor.

Although termites are not the most exciting critters to have around, there are some fun facts about them that can help homeowners clue in if there is a termite problem in the home. And, with Hawaii’s warmer weather, infestations can happen year round.

Drywood termites nest inside the wood that they colonize in and, since they do not need moisture to survive, they can spread easily throughout the home’s walls, furniture and other wood products. That is unlike subterranean termites that do need moisture to thrive. Subterranean termites nest in the soil and dig mud tunnels — allowing for an amplitude of entryways into the household and easy access to its wood.

The experts at Akamai Pest Solutions are here to help Hawaii’s residents identify their termite problems from location to type in order to provide a strong, sturdy household.

“Our focus is not residential pest control, bed bugs or fumigation,” explained regional administrative manager Ronda Galimba. “By specializing and concentrating on just treating for termites, we have been able to become the best at treating termites … and have been voted (Honolulu Star-Advertiser’s) “Hawaii’s Best” for at least three years in a row.”

Galimba, who also serves as Akamai’s Oahu and Kauai branch manager, has assisted owner Roger Meints since the company opened for business in 2003. With nearly 15 years of specializing in termite elimination and another 26 years in the construction industry, Galimba is committed to helping Island residents achieve a pest-free home efficiently and conveniently.

Akamai’s Orange Oil Treatment allows residents to stay in their homes even while the extermination process is performed. XT2000 Orange Oil Plus is an organic solution that does not require chemicals, which also means tenting is not needed. It is a plant-based solution made from orange peels that is 95 percent pure orange oil, according to the company’s website. Furthermore, it mentions, the oil is formulated for use as a highly effective treatment for drywood termites and its natural, organic ingredients ensure safety for the entire family.

No more are the days of packing up foods, medicines and other household items into plastic bags so that they do not get contaminated. Akamai’s Orange Oil Treatment eliminates the hassle and stress of finding a place to stay during the tenting process — such as finding and paying for a hotel.

According to Galimba, the company has especially been able to help elderly customers, in particular. “We have helped families with parents with Alzheimer’s to be able to not have to move or change their schedules,” she shared. “We have also treated entire in-home patient facilities.”

Akamai has also provided convenience to cancer and organ transplant patients, customers requiring oxygen, and an animal shelter to which, Galimba mentions, not one animal was lost or moved.

The process is simple and quick. Once a certified inspector is scheduled to examine the home, he or she will come to the house and identify where the termite colonies are in the house. Inspectors use Termatrac, which is the latest in radar termite technology that sees termites in the wood. They also use CO2 detectors since “termites let off more CO2 per capita than any other animal on the planet,” Galimba explained.

Certified technicians inject the affected wood with XT2000 once the colonies are located.

“When XT2000 Orange Oil Plus travels through the grains of the wood and contacts the drywood termites — the colony and eggs — it burns off the exoskeleton and egg capsules, causing death,” described Galimba. “Fumigation does not kill the eggs so there cannot be complete colony elimination as with XT2000 Orange Oil Plus.”

As for subterranean termites, Akamai uses Termidor that is installed in the ground of a home, such as in the yard. “When it is picked up through direct contact or secondary contact, it spreads through the feeding process to the entire colony causing complete colony elimination,” said Galimba.

What’s more, Akamai offers a Whole House Annual Agreement which guarantees a yearly quality inspection of the household — and if another infestation is found, the company will treat it. Plus, most of Akamai’s treatments come with one- to five-year warranties, and the Orange Oil Treatment warranties are renewable.

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