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Stay on top of your health with vein-care solutions

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Veins Clinic Hawaii

By Kelli Shiroma

While many patients may come to Vein Clinics of Hawaii seeking treatment for spider or varicose veins, others come because they suffer from a much more advanced form of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). If left untreated, this progressive medical condition worsens over time and can become quite debilitating, according to board-certified cardiovascular surgeon Dr. Randall S. Juleff, who heads Vein Clinics of Hawaii.

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“We see a lot of patients with many different types of long-standing vein issues,” he explained. “Venous insufficiency can display itself in many different ways. Some people may have just spider veins or varicose veins, while others have chronic swelling and major skin changes of the lower legs. Our patients with severe venous insufficiency often deal with discoloration of the lower leg, thickening of the skin, fluid weeping from this abnormal skin, skin breakdown and even huge ulcerations that may not heal for months.

“A lot of people think this brownish discoloration is from diabetes, but most of the time, it is not,” Juleff added. “These people often have no idea that their ulcers, skin changes, swelling, or problems they’re dealing with chronically with their lower legs are related to vein disease.”

Veins Clinic woman walking on beach

Thanks to Vein Clinics of Hawaii, you can find the solution to any type of vein-related condition in a safe and caring environment. So, whether you have severe chronic venous insufficiency with swelling, skin discoloration and ulceration, or merely simple spider veins, the caring, highly educated and experienced staff at Vein Clinics of Hawaii is here to help. Patients’ conditions are first expertly evaluated; then, trained staff members develop a specific treatment plan that addresses each patient’s individual needs.

“We take the time to figure out the best plan of therapy for our patients,” Juleff said. “In addition to treating these patients’ venous insufficiency with a variety of different procedures, many of them may also need ongoing wound care.

“Recognizing that you have venous insufficiency is 90 percent of the battle. If people are educated and realize they’re dealing with a vein problem, we can fix their vein disease and these conditions can heal up in a matter of days or weeks.”

Veins Clinic Staff

For more information, visit the company’s website or call the Oahu office. The practice has locations statewide, including centers on Maui, Kauai, Oahu and the Big Island.

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