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King’s Hawaiian Cream Puffs

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King's Hawaiian

King's Hawaiian

King’s Hawaiian has been making irresistible, original recipe foods with Aloha Spirit since 1950. Here is our cream puffs recipe. From our ohana to yours!


  • 8 ounces Whipped Cream, store bought or home made
  • 8 ounces Dark chocolate chips
  • 1 package KING’S HAWAIIAN Original Hawaiian Sweet Dinner Rolls


  • STEP 1: Pull apart each piece of bread and use cupcake corer or knife to core the center of each roll ¾ of the way down, careful not to break all the way through the bottom.
  • STEP 2: Toast the rolls at 325ºF for 3-5 mins until lightly toasted, set aside.
  • STEP 3: Fill a piping bag or zip lock bag with whipped cream topping.
  • STEP 4: Pipe the whipped cream into each roll taking care not to overflow the rolls.
  • STEP 5: Melt the chocolate in the microwave 30 seconds at a time, stirring with a rubber spatula in between increments until fully melted.
  • STEP 6: Dip the top of each cream puff in the chocolate and keep in fridge until ready to serve. Before serving, top off each cream puff with a swirl of more whipped cream! This dish is best served shortly after preparing.

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