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Learn from your genes. AncestryHealth® is here!

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Take action for your family. With new AncestryHealth®, you can discover how your DNA might influence conditions that could be passed down in your family, what may be ahead, and the steps you might take to chart a healthier path forward.

AncestryHealth® delivers personalized insights so people can take action to better manage their health in collaboration with their healthcare provider.

AncestryHealth® services include:

• Physician-ordered tests that were developed and are performed by independent CLIA-certified laboratories

• Educational information, including access to genetic counseling resources

• Printable consumer and physician-ready reports that provide guidance for next steps an individual and their healthcare provider can take together

Ancestry has partnered with PWNHealth, an independent network of board-certified physicians and genetic counselors, to offer these services, which are included in both AncestryHealth® Core and AncestryHealth® Plus.

“Your genes don’t need to be your destiny. Understanding your familial and inherited health risks can help you take action with your doctor to improve your chances of better health outcomes,” said Margo Georgiadis, chief executive officer of Ancestry. “For more than three decades, Ancestry has empowered journeys of personal discovery to enrich lives. In the same way that knowledge of your family and ethnicity helps you understand your past to inspire your future, knowledge of your genetic health profile and any associated risks can help you be proactive in managing the future for you and your family.”

Chart a healthier path for you and your family! Give the gift of origins and health insights this holiday season!

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