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A natural solution for getting rid of termites

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By Jackie Perreira

Here’s a “fun fact” for you: Termite season is year-round in Hawaii. No worries, though, because Akamai Pest Solutions knows how to take care of virtually any termite infestation your home may have.

“We are in termite swarm season, so you may see termites swarming in and around your house,” warned owner Roger Meints. “So when you see that, you know you may have a problem and that’s when you definitely want to call us,” he added.

Akamai Pest Solutions has locations all across Hawaii, in Hilo, Kona, Oahu, Kauai, Maui, Molokai and Lanai. Additionally, the company has more than 100 years of combined experience in the pest-control industry.

“They’re opportunists so they’re looking for ways to get into the wood such as cracks or a piece of old damaged wood. They only need a hole about the size of a pinhead to get in. Majority of swarmers actually die before they find the wood because geckos or other insects get them. So about 95 percent don’t survive, but that 5 percent that’s left is all that is needed to start a swarm,” Meints explained.

Akamai Pest Solutions treats both dry-wood and ground termites. Each type requires a different solution.

“Ground termites are the most aggressive termite we have and the colonies are much greater in number.” Potentially a mature colony could be in the millions. Majority of them you don’t even see because they’re in the ground. Or if they come up from the ground, they’re eating inside the wood and you don’t know they’re there,” said Meints.

Ground termites can do structural damage very quickly, which can cause tens of thousands of dollars in repairs to your home. Usually by the time people find these termites they have already done structural damage. This is why Meints recommends treating your home every five years for ground termites.

“For ground termites, we use the best termite treatment called Termidor. Not all companies use it; it’s the best in the market. For a lot of our customers, we’ll treat for both ground and dry-wood termites at the same time,” he said.

Dry-wood termites have colonies of about 100 at a time.

Akamai Pest Solutions uses XT2000 Orange Oil, which is the best organic pest solution available. It is made of distilled orange rinds and is 95 percent pure orange oil. It has no additives and is completely safe to use while you are still in the house. This means no having to wrap everything up, hire security or someone to remove you solar panels and vacate your home while it’s being tented.

The best way to figure out what kind of termites you have is to call Akamai Pest Solutions at 693-PEST (7378) OR 754-3393. The company offers free estimates. For dry-wood termites, the warranty lasts two years; for ground termites, it lasts five. Our Drywood Termites Warranties also can be renewed on a yearly basis.“It is always good to get an inspection once a year, especially in Hawaii, where we can have between 6 and a dozen swarms depending on the weather” said Meints.Call Akamai Pest Solutions today to get started.


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