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Need Leis? On the mainland? Hawaii Flower Lei makes it easy

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Hawaii Flower Lei

Hawaii Flower Lei

Not long ago, if locals wanted to send leis to the mainland, they had to brave the crowds in Chinatown, double park, run to the lei stand and pay an exorbitant amount for shipping in a plain box with no insulation and just pray the leis reached their destination without dying.

Sounds stressful, right? That’s exactly why most of us locals just don’t do it.
And that’s where Hawaii Flower Lei comes in. Locally owned and operated, Hawaii Flower Lei is focused solely on shipping. They’ve innovated the only lei cooler in the industry, and they ship using the fastest delivery method available, guaranteeing their leis arrive as fresh and beautiful as the moment they were made. There is no storefront, just a call center, a website and a warehouse where the leis are made, packed and shipped. 
“We’ve found our niche,” said Emily Steele, president of Hawaii Flower Lei. “We’ve worked hard to fine-tune our production process to accommodate a large growth spurt over the past few years. We don’t have a store front to worry about, so we can focus entirely on perfecting shipping and delivery.”
One of the nicest features of the website,, is that customers choose their delivery date, sometimes well in advance, so they can make plans and forget about it, rather than hunting down a florist at the last minute. Hawaii Flower Lei makes and ships according to the customer’s desired delivery date, so they can accept orders up to one year in advance. This is great for weddings and other important events.
Speaking of important events, Hawaii Flower Lei is currently smack dab in the middle of their busy graduation season, so this week they’re shipping hundreds of orders out of their little warehouse near the airport. With Southern California graduations yet to come, they don’t anticipate slowing down until after Father’s Day.
No doubt, the company’s purpose is to make it easy for folks to have leis shipped to the mainland. But, for Steele, it’s about a lot more than that too.
“Our mission is to celebrate the power of the Hawaiian lei and its deeper meaning of love, unity and connection,” Steele said. “You see, the power of the Hawaiian lei lies in the intention. It’s the intention of the giver that gives the receiver that warm aloha feeling. It’s more than flowers … it’s the meaning of the lei and what it symbolizes.

“At Hawaii Flower Lei, we walk with intention in everything we do. We know that it is always our intention that lights our path forward, which is why we strive to constantly evolve … our method of lei making, our packaging, our method of shipping and most importantly how we connect with our customers. We cherish our relationship with our customers and genuinely want to share in their journey.  We send our aloha with each and every lei we sew and hope our intention is felt in a beautiful way.”

Hawaii Flower Lei

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