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Residential and commercial pest control at its best

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Xtremco Pest Control Professionals

Established in 1961, Roach Control Services was one of the very first pest control companies in the state of Hawaii. It is reputable and reliable business that has evolved impressively over the years. This integral evolution has included an impressive expansion of services, a complete rebranding under the new masthead Xtermco, Inc., and a firmly established reputation among the island community as being an industry leader in protecting one’s home or business against the invasion of termites and other pests.

Xtermco, Inc., prides itself in providing the best in customer service and quality professional pest control. In order to accomplish this, the company relies on the expertise of its more than 40 highly qualified employees. Through constant training, education and quality control initiatives, Xtermco, Inc., is able to ensure that each of its managers and operations personnel stay up to date and always evolving in their skills and knowledge of the latest technology and trends in order to provide customers with the most modern and effective termite and pest control treatments.

And not only does Xtermco, Inc., focus on the superiority of its stall of licensed and fully-trained professionals, but the company also sets its sights on acting as an advocate of each client. The company knows that each account is an important investment, and honors this trust bestowed upon it by making every project a top priority when it comes to ensuring that both property and structures are never harmed. All clients may have peace of mind knowing that Xtermco, Inc., is insured to cover and protect personal properties, liabilities, vehicles and even worker’s compensation.

Whether you are looking to eradicate your home from pesky pests or desire to rid your office of tenacious termites, Xtermco, Inc., has you covered, as the company specializes in both commercial and residential structures, including everything from restaurants to hotels, hospitals stores, private businesses, churches, government agencies and schools.

The process itself is simple and seamless from step one, as Xtermco. Inc., makes every effort to keep the client comfortable and informed throughout its entirety. Beginning with an initial expert assessment, members of the highly trained staff will thoroughly inspect your property providing an accurate and detailed analysis of the situation, as well as recommending the needed solution to address each pest issue.

When it comes to drywood termites, one of the most damaging pests to homes in Hawaii, Xtermco offers experienced and proven fumigation service for residential or commercial buildings. We use Vikane fumigant – proven to eliminate 100 percent of the termites hidden deep inside the wood and backed by Douglas Products, the leader in the fumigant industry. We are also a Vikane CTE (“Commitment To Excellence”) company. While fumigators in Hawaii must meet federal and state fumigation licensing requirements, to qualify as a Vikane CTE company requires completing additional training each and every year. This training covers the latest and most advanced fumigation technique. To demonstrate expertise and superior knowledge of the fumigation process, the CTE program requires taking and passing the written exam from Douglas Products, the manufacturer of Vikane.

Xtermco’s fumigation experts can tent the entire home or just furniture and other household items with the company’s mobile fumigation chamber that lets them do the work right at your location

When it comes to placing your home or business in the hands of professionals for termite and pest control services, you want to know you are choosing a company with a name you can trust. Xtermco, Inc., having more than fifty years of experience serving satisfied customers, allows you to hand over the care of one of your most prized investments with full assurance that all will be well. So stop letting Hawaii bug you, and get proactive in ridding yourself of pests once and for all with Xtermco, Inc.

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