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Seniors on Medicare could get up to $1,782/year back on their social security checks

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There are special programs designed by the federal government (Low Income Subsidy or LIS) and the State of Hawaii (Medicaid) to help Medicare beneficiaries to decrease their medical costs.

Medicare part B premium is $148.50/month which is deducted from your Social Security Income. If you qualify you may be able to keep all or some of the part B premium.

Additionally, there are Medicare Advantage Plans that are run by insurance companies that compete against each other to get your business. These plans have additional benefits above and beyond Original Medicare that can be valued at over $5,000. These additional benefits may include all or some of the following:

• Up to $2,500/year Dental Coverage (preventative and comprehensive coverage)
• $1,000 flex card (for Vision, Hearing, Dental)
• $700/year allowance for hearing aid
• $300/year allowance for eyeglasses
• Up to $1,440/year Over the Counter benefit
• Ground Transportation (24 one-way trips/year)
• Gym Membership
• Acupuncture/Chiropractic coverage
• Massage Therapy

If you do not qualify for Medicaid, there are strategies to find a Medicare Advantage program that will help save you money. Because there are many programs to choose from and retirees all have different circumstances, many retirees are not aware of what is available, and which plans they qualify for. Some examples may include:

• A Veteran may qualify for a $360 a year give back toward their Medicare Part B premium.
• Managing your prescription drug costs.
    • Insulin savings program
    • Thorough look into your prescription drug costs (co-payment/deductible)
    • $0 copay for Mail Order
    • Insurance Trust Fund assistance
    • Qualifying for assistance through Pharmaceutical companies

By meeting with a Plan Advisors Hawaii Licensed Agent, we can work with you to help you find the lowest cost plans available to help meet your needs. Click to contact a Plan Advisor Agent today.

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