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Six tips to choose the best private school for your child

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La Pietra Hawaii School for Girls

La Pietra

With over 115 private schools in the State of Hawaii, you might be thinking, where do I start? One of the most important indicators to determining if the school is right for your child is to understand the personality of the school. Below are six tips to help guide you and your child to learning about a school’s personality and ultimately finding a school that is the right fit.

1. Schedule A School In Session Visit or Shadow Day for your child

A school-in-session visit or shadow day provides a snapshot into a typical “day in the life” for prospective students. At La Pietra – Hawaii School for Girls, they offer daily school-in-session visits where girls have they opportunity to attend classes, meet current La Pietra students, experience the campus, connect with teachers and administrators, and ask questions. Director of Admissions, Megan Meyer, states, “The school-in-session visit enables girls to experience La Pietra on a personal level and helps visualize themselves as a future La Pietra girl.”

2. Attend An Admissions Open House.

Attending an open house event enables guests to familiarize themselves with the school. You will have the opportunity to tour the campus, classrooms, and facilities; connect with parents, students, and teachers; and learn more about the programs offered. Many schools such as La Pietra, also offer personal campus tours if families aren’t able to attend an open house.

3. Join the school’s mailing list.

By subscribing to a school’s mailing lists, you can receive systematic updates about the latest happenings from the school. On La Pietra’s webpage, you can easily add your e-mail address and join their mailing list. Subscribers receive electronic newsletters about current happenings, upcoming events, and key deadlines. This can help you get a sense of the daily life at the school

4. Download their school calendar and attend events.

Subscribe to the school’s calendar and attend special events throughout the year, including music and drama performances, athletic competitions, guest speaker presentations, summer program enrichment classes and more.

5. Follow their social media channels.

Find the school’s social media profiles and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. By following the respective social media channels, you can get a glimpse of daily happenings at the school.

6. Inquire with a purpose and ask the right questions.

After you’ve done your main research about the school, it is time to dig deeper! Contact the Admissions Director and gain clarity about graduation rates, leadership opportunities, athletic offerings, course offerings, dynamics of a classroom and more. At La Pietra, Meyer says, “One hundred percent of La Pietra graduates pursue higher education; we have a 7 to 1 student to faculty ratio that enables girls to thrive; we offer 100% leadership opportunities throughout various programs and classes; there are over 40 different athletic teams in 16 sports; and we have over 135 course offerings to help prepare students for success in higher education and beyond.”

Meyer also encourages families to connect with the school’s current families, alumnae, past parents, and students. Overall, understanding the personality of the school will truly help you and your child determine if the school is best fit for them.

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